6 Sept 2010

How to throw a bridal shower part 1 - wedding dress game

Just to recap, I don't think I'm any sort of expert, but as I couldn't find a lot of inspiration online, I decided to share my experience with you all!  This could be a rather long post, so I think it will come in several installments!

I think the thing that really made my friend's bridal shower was the games, so I'll start there...

Wedding dress game

I'm sure you've heard of this one before, basically you put teams together and dress one of the team members as a bride using basic supplies like loo roll, bin bags, foil etc.  I bought some asda value white bin liners which were really cheap (possibly £1 for a roll of about 100) and value foil, plus some sticky tape from the £1 shop.  I asked the group who wanted to play and those who did got into teams and all went off to find a secret space to set about creating a beautiful bride!

I didn't give any particular time limit - they were all finished around the same time really.  Some of the teams got creative and started using props they found lying around such as used cake wrappers!  I also handed out a few extra pops half way through, a different one for each team. 

We played this game later into the bridal shower and it was the last game.  It seemed to be the right time for this game as people had got into the spirit of things, had a drink etc.  If we'd played this game first I don't think as many people would have joined in or they may not have been in such silly moods!

As you can see below, we had some really different takes on the game with one team taking things very seriously and going for a realistic and rather impressive dress.  The other two teams just had a real laugh with it!

Crazy mother nature bride

Bearded hussy bride

Pretty princess bride (bless!)

Lining up for the judges

By this time in the bridal shower I'd had enough of being in charge and running the games, so I nominated a few people who looked like they weren't enjoying themselves that much to be the judges.  It turned out to be quite a good idea as it got them involved and I didn't have the pressure of choosing the winner (which was the youngest contestant in the rather well made dress).

The prizes for this game were presents from my lucky dip bag... more about that in another post.

This game went really well, the teams even made a bouquet from random things they found (including one of my garden candles and marshmallows!) and then went ahead and acted out the throwing of the bouquet!  We never found one of them though and think it's up on my roof somewhere!

I hope this helps someone a little bit in the future, and I'll write about another element of the bridal shower soon xx

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  1. Haha, this looks like a fab game! I shall remember this one if I ever need it! :)

    Daisy x


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