28 Sept 2010

Time for some Autumn clothes...finally

I'm not sure whose blog I was reading today, but it inspired me to go and check out the clothes on Tesco.com.  I didn't quite realise you could now buy all of their range online, so I had a good browse.  None of the Tescos near me sell many of the clothes, even the superstores, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Well I wasn't dissappointed, they had some excellent officewear and this is what I picked up.

They're all rather fab and were between £18 and £25 each.  I particularly like jacquard dress and the flocked print jumper dress.  I love these sort of patterns so I think I'll be seeing a lot of clothes that are right up my street this season.  Because I already liked that sort of thing I actually already have a few pieces in my wardrobe as well as a faux fur waistcoat / gillet, so I'm feeling rather smug and effortlessly on trend.

I'm really rather skint at the moment, which is why there haven't been any haul posts from me in ages.  I've had to pay for a lot of things to do with my friend's wedding and my boyfriend turns 30 in October so I've been buying presents and paying for his birthday holiday.  I bought him an ipad, so he's a truely lucky boy, but I'm one very poor lady!  There's tonnes of stuff I want from the Next Christmas directory, but I need to wait.  Anyway, I couldn't resist this stuff from Tesco as the prices were so good anyway plus there was free delivery on orders over £50 and 20% off all clothes.  Get in!

Gem x


  1. I love the last one! Really nice!
    Hope you feel better soon. Your boyfriend is very lucky :) xo

  2. The first one is gorgeous (and bargainous!) *sneaks off to look on Tesco online*....

  3. Ooh, have you been reading my blog!? (It was more than likely someone else's, it's only that I have been raving about how amazing Tesco Clothing is recently!)

    I love your pics - some lovely pieces there. The first one's my favourite, definitely :)

    Your boyfriend's a very lucky man - an ipad - wow!


  4. @ Victoria and Ellie - thank you, I hope they're nice in real life

    @heartshapedbruise - it wasn't you hun, although I do read your blog! I wish I could rememember who it was so I could name check her. She'll know if she sees this because I got two dresses the same as her!


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