24 Oct 2010

I'm back from Aruba and brrrr it's cold!

Just a quick post to explain my recent absence - I've been in amazing Aruba!  Just got back this morning and feeling the jet lag but I've really been missing blogging, online shoppping and all the jazz.  I can't believe how cold it is now I'm back, Winter's arrived and it feels like Christmas is nearly here and I'm all under-prepared. 

My Mum's stocked me up on all the little Christmas shopping mags like the Boots one, so I can start getting into the swing of things and making Christmas lists (for me and for what to buy everyone). 

I need to get myself some nice new winter clothes, so I can look forward to a nice haul.  I particularly want to get some flatish knee-high boots and a coat. 

Now I'm back off to try and catch up on three week's worth of X Factor before I hear or read any spoilers!

I'll share some photos of Aruba once I unpack my camera, but for now here's one I found online. It was paradise :)


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  1. Can't wait to see photos; I love nosing at other people's holiday photos! I wouldn't mind being on a beach like that right now! It's practically sub-sero where I am! x



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