12 Dec 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I've spent 5 hours putting up my Christmas decs today, so I thought I'd share the results!  The 5 hours did include getting them all out of the cupboards, untangling lights etc and a little bit of cleaning before putting them up!

I love Christmas and can't believe my decs weren't up already, I'm not sure what was wrong with me this year and why I didn't get around to it before.  I can be so lazy sometimes :os

So I'll star at the front door...

I made both of these decorations.  The wreath a couple of years ago and the star one on the door I made today, although all I really did was tie some baubles onto a gold star and hang it with ribbon.

We're going to put some lights up outside too, but not until tomorrow.

Light-up gold wicker type tree in my hallway

Golden ribbon and bead garland up the stairs with purple and gold baubles hanging down - they go all the way down the stairs but I didn't take a wide enough photo, duh.  On the right I have a peg card hanger, but it only has one card on it so far!

And on the wall in my hallway, one of my favourite decs, my colourful bauble wreath.  When I first bought this it was to go on the front door, but I got worried it would be stolen so I keep it inside!

Onto the front room... here's the tree.  I like to think of it as clashing with style!  It's got lots of different colours in it, but the baubles do match / coordinate with eachother!  I love the purple LED lights and you can just about see some tiny Christmas stockings on their too.  It's a little tradition my boyfriend and I started up a couple of years ago that we get eachother a really small presents to fit inside.  It's easy for him to put something like earrings in there but I find it really hard to find him something to fit.

Some Christmassy candles - well not really but one of them is star-shaped and another is a snowball

This one's a bit blurry, Shouldn't have used my iphone.  It's a bauble tree from Next, I've wanted one of these for ages and bought it this year.  It's sitting next to the fireplace.

This is the mantlepiece above the fire.  I've got some bronze / gold cream ornaments on the right which are there year round, then on the left there are gold flock candles and in the middle my NOEL letters.  My brother always messes them around when he visits and changes it to LEON or anything else he can think of.

On the mirror I've hung three glitter reindeer decorations from a gold ribbon.

And finally the dining room

This is the fire in my dining room which I've adorned with some fluffy snowball lights and another word ornament.  This time it's WISH and sorry little bro, but these ones are stuck together and can't be messed with!

I got a bit carried away with my decorating and decided to set the table a little bit.  The purple glasses are new, so I wanted to see how they fit in.  I've also got a purple bauble tree in the centre, a purple hurricane candle and a round glass bowl filled with baubles and tiny lights.

I put some napkins out so that I could play with my snowflake napkin rings as they only come out once a year!

This is the back of one of the chairs.  I wrapped some purple and gold ribbon around and fastened it with a silver glitter butterfly.

There are also a couple of bits up in the kitchen, just some fairy lights and another word ornament of JOY in red, but not exciting enough for a photo!

I'm feeling really Christmassy now, bring on the food and presents!

Is everyone else excited for Crimbo? xx


  1. so so pretty! your decorations are lovely =) looks so nice and christmasy. wouldnt mind dining at ur table on christmas day :P xx

  2. Your home looks so beautiful! I'm jealous :) And all of your decorations look wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  3. Your home is very pretty!

    Thanks for sharing all your decorations with us :)

  4. Your house is decorated so nice! I'm jealous! x

  5. Your damask wall looks amazing :)

  6. Aww thank you so much for all the lovely compliments! x


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