26 Dec 2010

It's Chriiiiistmaaaas!

I love Christmas! Yesterday was so much fun opening presents and stuffing our faces whilst watching tv. 

I woke up at home with the bf and cooked him some breakfast.  Then we got dressed up all Christmassy and went round to my Mum's for a massive turkey dinner and had presents with the family.  After dinner my Mum and I had a little browse of the sales online (there really wasn't much to be had) and before we knew it it was time for me and the bf to leave as we had his parents coming for tea. 

The dinner... OMG!

We had a nice relaxed evening of more presents and some party / picky food while we watched the soaps.

Here's a posey picture of me showing what I wore for Crimbo day.

The top is a furry black and ever so slightly sparkly cardigan from French Connection and the skirt is red rose textured and from Primark.

Here's a close up of my nails for the day.  It doesn't come up so well in the pictures but in real life it's gorgeously cherry red and sparkly!

You can also see my Crimbo bling in these pictures!  The chunky bling in the first pic is a set of two stacking pavĂ© diamante rings from Peacocks.  They were only £4 and I love the OTT-ness of them, I'me sure they'll go green and the stones will drop out soon, but I'm enjoying them while they last.  In the second pic you can't see it in it's full glory, but it's a massive square purple stone surrounded by lots of fake bling which I bought from Warren James for £25.  This one is actually silver and CZ so it might last a bit longer!

For the nails I used a coat of Nails Inc Eaton Mews followed by a layer of Bazza M Red Glitter (150) and then another coat on top of the Eaton Mews. 

I'll be back soon with a "what I got for Christmas" type post once I've taken all the photos. 

I was going to do a massive post on my Christmas party look (it was last Friday) but I ended up so dissapointed with how everything turned out!  I tried curling my short hair and it was just a disaster as it dropped and looked all very sorry for itself!  I still haven't found the secret to making my hair hold curls whichever way I do them.  Also, I felt really self-concious in my dress as it creased so easily and it felt a bit tight too - oops!  In all honesty, realfourteen is pushing a realsixteen these days and I'm planning to get back into Slimming World in January and I have a friend who wants to join the gym with me.  but for now...  it's Christmas and there's a lot of chocolate to be eaten!

Lastly here's a pic of me and the bf at my Mum's.  I really like this photo and I'm going to put it up in a frame.  You can also slightly see in this one that I've dyed my hair a bit red.  I'd also tried out a bit of back-combing and side-fringe nonsense for the day, but as I'm utterly rubbish with hair it came out okay but the back-combing sort of dropped out after lunch!  I don't think I was harsh enough with it or used enough hairspray.  One of my new years resolutions needs to be to get more clued up on styling my hair!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Crimbo.  I'm off to get dressed for Boxing Day - I have the fam coming round and I'm cooking a glazed ham - eek! xx

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