4 Dec 2010

November favourites

Okay, so this is my first 'favourites' blog post.  I've decided to do it because I've been so out of the loop lately with my bff's wedding and then my bf's big birthday and holiday that I'll never catch up on all the posts I wanted to do, so I'll get them out there as favourites instead!

My new watch

I've been wearing this constantly since I got it (except on hols!) and I absolutely heart it.  Some people just don't get it and have been calling me Mr T, but the joke's on them, cos it's fab!  When I was in Edinburgh I had my nails done and the girl who did them was like "oh my God that's my watch!" and called the other therapist over to see it cos she's saving up to get one herself.  I love it and I knew some people wouldn't get it, but that didn't bother me.  "What's the time?"  "Oh, it's just coming up to a quarter past Marc!"  haha!

My new hair

Aaaargh I've had all my hair cut off.  I don't really know why, it just sort of happened.  I regret it a bit, but it's nice and different and hair grows.  I haven't even actually got a picture of it looking good enough to show!  I'm trying to work out some edgey styles I can do with it - Danni has exciting hair on xfactor every week, need her stylist!  I also rather fancy dying it a rich red, but will everyone think I'm copying Cheryl Cole?

Shellac manicure

So I got Shellac done when I was in Edinburgh two days before I went on holiday.  I liked the effect and the idea that it would last 2 - 3 weeks, but the application was not good.  It looked okay in the salon, but out in daylight I could see lots of mistakes which I really couldn't deal with.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist and thought I could have done it better myself!  It peeled off literally my first day on the beach, so I had to take it all off which was a big waste of the £35 I paid to get it done.  I think it was my fault when I 'tidied up' the edges, that's probably what caused the peeling, but the main cause was the poor application.  I'm thinking about looking into getting the kit and having a bit of a diy. 

Trash telly

I'm missing The only way is Essex, can't wait for it to come back at the end of the year.  It's proper trash, guilty pleasure tv and Mark is so hot (but a complete arsehole too!).  It's just too funny.

I'm also right into The Apprentice and obvs Xfactor, although I hate to say i've got a little bit bored at some points this year, they can really drag it out sometimes.  Thank goodness Wagner's gone, it was really making a mockery of the whole thing.  I'd be happy to see any of the final 5 win other than Mary who I don't quite get.

I've also been watching a series called The Event on channel 4.  It's wicked.  If you likd Lost, 24, Flash Forward and that sort of thing, you'll love this.  The main guy is pretty dishy too :)


There was a pandora shop on my holiday and I loved some of the rings that they do.  They have some really pretty ones and some that you can stack together.  I just found them too expensive though, and you know you're just paying for the name.  It was more than £100 for a simple silver ring with a little bit of Cubic Zirconia in it, so to get a few too stack together would be really pricey.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for something similar.  I've been really into gold since I got my watch, so I think that's why I liked that ring in particular.  My bf's getting my some stackable rings in silver from Fiorelli.

Looking at the Pandora stuff inspired me to dig out the pandora bracelet (replica) that my friend got me last Christmas.  I didn't like all of the charms she chose and also would prefer a completely full bracelet, so I went on to ebay and got some cheapy beads to fill it up.

Revlon colorstay foundation for oily/combination skin

I'm getting on rather well with this.  I can have very bad luck with foundations, bad shades or ones which streak or don't last more than a few hours.  This one's not perfect, but it's the best I've used in a long while.  The staying power is good, although the shine does still break through.  I've just repurchased, which is unusual for me.

Nars blush in Orgasm

I've used this every day since I got it and love it to bits, I'm so glad I bought it.  I'll be so sad when I hit the pan, but will definately buy another right away!

Nina by Nina

I bought this at Gatwick and am loving the smell.  It's a bit of a Summer fragrance, so maybe I'm a little late with it, but I've still got that post-holiday glow so this is helping me stretch it out a bit too! It's a really sweet and girly smell, and such a pretty bottle too.  I recommend you go have a sniff!

New purchases

I actually bought these on my phone while I was away as the crave to shop was just so intense!  I got these wonderous topshop shoes which I was craving last year.  I didn't want to fork out the £65 for them and by the time I'd decided to buy them and had the money to do it they were sold out.  Thank goodness for good old eBay!  I got them from a shop seller so they're brand new and have all sizes and colours and just £30.  I'm tempted to get the black too.

Something else I'd had my eye on for so long is this sideways cross necklace.  I saw it on Taylor on the Rachel Zoe project and loved it, then a while back lollipop26 got one and it'd kind of been lingering in my eBay watch items for a while.  I'd been quite broke following the wedding and birthday so hadn't bought much but as I was on holiday technically not spending any money (see the logic?), I thought I'd get it.  It's really nice on, just the right size and I really like it.  The only sad thing is that it turns over a lot and the non-shiny side isn't so nice :(

That's all my favourites for now, I enjoyed that.  :)

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  1. Great favorites! The charm bracelet is really cute!



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