12 Dec 2010

Short hair =s

It's nearly two months since I went for a massive chop, and I'm still not sure I'm a short hair girl...
This was my hair at its longest

a bit straggly and in need of a cut

I had a massive fringe for a bit

This is how I've had it for the past year or so... shortest in a long while

And this is the drastic new chop!  Drastic for me anyway, I've not had hair this short in about 10 years!

I really wanted to have a short cut, but I'm finding it really hard to style into anything other than just hanging straight.  I dream of being able to create some of the styles Danni Minogue's been rocking on xfactor, although without her stylist I've got no chance!

What do you think - long or short and any tips for making shorter hair more interesting?


  1. Ooh I really like your short hair - suits you :) Can see why it's a bit of a shock to the system though, big difference for you!
    Wish I could pull off short hair that well, but no chance for me I'm afraid!

    Wish I could help with styling advice but I'm pretty useless when it comes to hair, just wanted to say that I liked it :)


  2. I like the short hair - you look like a very sophisticated lady!
    It looks lovely just straight so I wouldn't worry too much about styling it differently x

  3. Awww thank you so much for the kind comments girlies, that's so nice! I do quite like it most days, and am happy to wear it straight and simple, but I want to look like I made an effort for my Christmas party on Friday so an contemplating an up-do!

    Thanks for reading xoxo

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous and really suits you! I don't think i'd suit short hair but it's been so long since I had that I wouldn't really know ;) x

  5. I think it looks really nice! It looks in really good condition :) x

  6. Short hair really suits you! I went for the chop last year and I have to say I've been hankering for longer hair ever since. I find it hard to style short hair too but I often used to curl mine with my ghds as it was too short to put up and do anything fancy with it. I'm glad mine is a bit longer now. It's all down to personal preference really isn't it? I love Dannii Minogue's hair, I wish I knew her stylist! xxx


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