26 Dec 2010

xx flutter and sparkle xx

Just a quick post to clear up any confusion I may have just created....

I've changed my blog's name from realfourteen to flutter and sparkle!

The main reason for doing this is that when I started the blog my intention was that it would provide tips and advice for other size fourteens and I haven't really stayed true to that aim at all.  My blog is just a bit of a mish-mash of fashion, beauty, sometimes home, occasionally baking and mainly it's just a random collection of my thoughts or moans!  So I decided I didn't want to be realfourteen any more and I've picked a suitably frivolous name to match the general content I spew out :)  It also reflects my love of butterflies and all things bling.

I'm still working on my new layout - if anyone knows how to get rid of the sharp corners on my header, let me know!

Here's to a fluttery and sparkly 2011 of reinventions xx

My blog has changed name from realfourteen to flutter and sparkle

If you're already following, your sub will have updated to the new name, but the URL will be wrong, so you might not see my posts in your reading list (and that makes me sad).

To fix this, please click follow again. You won't be following me twice or following two blogs, your sub will just update to the new URL - schimples.

Sorry, for being a trouble maker, but I really wanted to change the name!

Thanks for reading and following, Gem xx

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