23 Jan 2011

A look back at my week

I kept forgetting to take photos this week, oops, typical me.  Because of that, I've had to get a few of the images online to help describe my week.

Baileys cheesecake birthday for my friend Clare on Thursday round at her flat with all my school chums - it looked sort of like this, but with candles in.  I laugh so much when I'm with that lot.

We had dinner for my best mate Heather's birthday on Friday in a Brazilian restaurant at the O2 called Rodizio Rico.

This is Heather and a waiter.  We've been there a few times and this particular waiter is our favourite because we think he looks like...

...Heimlich from A bug's life!

Huge cocktails in TGI's at the O2 - strawberry daiquiris

Checking out a boot sale on Sunday

I was going to take some photos inside, but it was too rammed and scary in there, so I posed with the sign outside instead!  I went with besties Heather and Zara - we were checking it out because we want to sell some stuff, but I don't think we'd be selling the right kind of things at that place.  The shoppers there weren't very into their make-up and fashion!  We're going to wait until Spring and do one of the big outdoor boot sales in a field instead.

I've been having a clear out in preparation for the boot sale - this is the collection cluttering the spare room so far

My blog was discovered by Zara a week or two ago.  I was dreading someone I know in real life finding my blog, but now it's happened I'm over it!  Here she is striking a pose outside the boot sale, the dirty blog stalker! Blurry action shot not intended.

I've been wearing my chubby owl earrings constantly since I got them.  I love them so much, I might need to buy a back-up pair!

I've tried out backcomb in a bottle twice this week, but so far without much success.  I'm probably just not doing it right, so I'm going to have some more tries before I decide it's rubbish.  I've also attempted ombre nails - I'll do a post on that soon.

Another thing I've pondered this week is my blog layout - I like the background and header etc, but I think I want a three column blog so that I can have two sidebars.  Let's hope I don't mess it all up whilst attempting that!

Finally I'd like to say hello to my new followers (and the old ones too) - I'm not sure where you're all coming from, but I'm pleased to have you along from the ride xx


  1. Good luck with your blog tweaking.

    I speak from experience: Remember to save a download of your blog (it's in edit html tab near the top) because when things go... wrong... it saves your butt.


    Clever Rabbit Beauty Blog
    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

    Follow me on twitter: @Clever_Rabbit

  2. those cocktails look amazing!! wish i had one in front of me right now :P xx

  3. The earrings are really cute! The drinks look delicious =)

  4. Thanks, they were yummy. Just vodka, strawberries and crushed ice I think! Will have to try making them at home x


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