8 Jan 2011

A look back at my week

First things first, I've been inspired to do this by the "my week in pictures" posts by the lovely *starsglittermagic*

So here's my week...

The new Next catalogue arrived - just what I needed when I have no money and pay day is a looong way away!  I've spied a few lovely things for wearing to work which I'll put on my birthday list.

Rather blurry iphone pic of my Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner.  I got these for Christmas and have started trying them out.  I'll give it a good few weeks before I come to a conclusion, but so far I'm not sure I'd get these again.

We went to Winter Wonderland in the daytime on New Year's Eve - I was warned that everything was pricey and agree, some stuff was an absolute rip off!  

Observation wheel - I didn't give this a try, but it looked quite good.

Yummy looking treats

This was a cute little Jamie Oliver outlet.  The prices in here were really reasonable compared to some of the other things on offer, but we didn't fancy anything that was there.

A ridiculously high and scary looking ride.  I've been on similar rides to this at theme parks, but I don't really trust fairground type rides, they seem a bit dangerous to me.  It's probably down to the film Final Destination! 

My boyfriend got a ferocious creatures lego set and we had a go at making the crocodile

Getting back my love for Nails Inc Jermyn Street

I popped into Primark on Thursday night and noticed they had a lot more 'home' stuff than usual.  I thought these cushions were really pretty.

I had to take a photo of this one as I had a mini argument with someone at work and got called a diva! 

I love my slanket which my brother bought me for my birthday last year.  Primark seem to have brought out a cheapo version - it looks quite good for £7.

And they also have a hooded one!

I also spied these hangers, which I would definitely have bought if I needed them.  When I got all of my clothes rails and needed extra hangers, I looked into getting something called 'huggable hangers', but they were really quite expensive.  The idea is that they are thin furry hangers that don't make any indents in your clothes, or take up too much space in your wardrobe, and they're clingy too keep things from falling off.  Primark have now brought them out and they seem exactly the same thing at only £4 for 10.  

My models own nail art pens arrived.  I've been wanting these for ages and was originally supposed to get them for Christmas so I was excited to finally get my hands on them.

The first thing I tried out was leopard print =)

I was tempted by the eyeko lucky dip bag.  It says you get £20 worth of mystery goodies for £10.  I was a little bit disappointed with with what I got, but that's the point of it being a lucky dip.  I was hoping to get some of the nail varnishes.

And these photos are from my Mum's kitchen design appointment.  I went along with her to be nosey, as I'm saving up to get a new kitchen too.  I like the purple top and splash-backs on this one.

You can't see it in the photo, but this red worktop has little sparkly flecks, really pretty and it comes in lots of other colours.

Blue sparkly worktop and funky drawers

I've started doing slimming world again and I made my first curry from scratch!  I only started to try and like Indian food last year and I've found that my favourites are korma, tikka masala, bhuna and rogan josh.  I tried out a recipe for lamb rogan josh - it didn't look the same as a restaurant one and it didn't taste quite the same, but it was nice.  Not bad for my first effort and I'll definitely try making a curry again.  

I really enjoyed having my giveaway this week, and this is one of the prizes all wrapped up and ready to be posted out.  I think I made a few mistakes, one being that I probably didn't leave the giveaway open long enough for all of my followers to have a chance to see it and enter.  Also, although I thought it would be fun to have a 'mystery' giveaway, I think it might have put some people off entering.  I suppose I understand, the prize could have been anything, like my boyfriend's smelly socks or something.  It's not, I promise!  

I still had lots of fun doing the giveaway and wrapping up all the prizes.  I'm already thinking about what to do next!  This was just a little giveaway for no special reason other than because it was Christmas.  I'll try to wait until I get to 200 followers (if I can make it there!) to do my next giveaway, so I hope it's not too far off =)

Well that was my week, hope it wasn't too dull!



  1. yay so glad you did this post! i love reading posts like these =) jealous you got to go to winter wonderland! i ran outta time to go sadly. Jermyn Street is one of my favourite nail varnishes too. such a lovely colour!xx

  2. Great post; it wasn't too dull at all.
    :O I was just in Primark today! Why didn't I look at the home stuff?! Aaaah I must have that Slanket lookalike with the hood!! Thank you for blogging this. I won't rest until I own it haha! I used to love going through the Next catalogue when I younger, pointing at things and going "want that, that, that etc"! The leopard nails look great and I too am a fan of Jermyn Street. Want to get my hands on the nail art pens too! x


  3. Oh good! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to try to remember to take pictures again this week, so I better start getting up to some exciting stuff!

  4. Wow looks like a fab week you had!
    Thanks for the comment you left me on my blog :) Glad you like it! I dont have twitter I'm afraid (dont know how it works!)

    I'll send you and email for the 'pretty people online' thing :) xxx

  5. Hello! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) looks like you had a lovely week! I LOVE your leopard print nails and that Primark UJ cushion is really cute. I'm loving some of Next's clothes again this season - I've not got the directory but I daren't have a proper look, January is looking bleak enough already pennies wise! x

  6. love the week post idea!

    I found some 'huggable hangers' on eBay (240 for 480) the cheapest I found, I'm debating on purchasing them...

  7. @victoria Thank you, that would be lovely! Twitter's fun when you get the hang of it and really addictive too!

    @bibbitybob - thanks for coming to see my blog, I loved browsing the prettiness on yours - all we can afford to do in January is browse, no buying!

    @Kaitlyn - Get them if they're a good deal, they make so much more space in your wardrobe and then you can buy more clothes...!


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