15 Jan 2011

Making my first curry - lamb rogan josh

I thought I'd share this as I was surprised how easy it was to make a curry from scratch and it came out really tasty!  The most difficult thing was making sure I had all the right ingredients as there are so many different spices involved.  The one thing I didn't have was cardamom pods, so I left that out and carried on regardless.  A few lovelies on twitter told me that it wouldn't make much difference.

This is the recipe I followed - it's from a Slimming World cook book, so this was a super healthy and low calorie curry =)

Getting all the ingredients ready

Frying up the onions and garlic

Adding the spices

Then the lamb

Followed by the tomatoes, cinnamon stick and bay leaf 

And finally chicken stock

It wasn't looking much like any lamb rogan josh I'd had before at this stage - it was runny and much more red than the brown I thought it'd be

The recipe then said to let it simmer - I put a lid on but later realised I shouldn't have and this was the reason it wasn't thickening properly

Cooking some plain boiled rice to accompany the spicy curry

Nearly ready - once I took the lid off it started to thicken properly

And here it easy finished - a mahoosive portion too, but it's slimming world so you don't have to worry about that!  It still didn't turn the brown colour I expected from a rogan josh - maybe the cardamom pods add colour?

This is how the recipe book showed the end result - a little different from mine, but I think the food stylist cheated - you can see bits of fresh chilli even though there's none in the recipe!

The forever hungry boy loved this and has asked me to make it again.  I'll definitely try another curry, I like korma, bhuna and tikka masala too, so maybe they'll be next =)


  1. Looks yummy!!

    Sadie x


  2. Looks very good! I haven't had a curry in ages xx


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