6 Jan 2011

The pens are here - bring on the leopard nails!

I've been wanting these for ages and was supposed to get them for Christmas together with the Autumn colours set of six nails varnishes, but my bf ordered it and it got lost in the post =(

With the remaining pennies following my sale shopping carnage, I ordered the pens over the holidays and they were waiting for me when I got home today.  Yay!

Obviously, the first thing I've tried is leopard print nails as I've been drooling over photos of this little creation lately.  I watched Gem Fatale's video on her blog here gemfatale and then got painting!

I used Nails Inc Jermyn Street for my base colour as I was already wearing it today, and then I picked a lighter beige colour for the spots - this was Nails Inc London from the diet coke promotion last year.

Then I got the models own black pen out for the scary bit!  I was really impressed with the quality of the pen, as I had a set of nail art pens in my teens and they were seriously rubbish.  Some of them didn't even work (you couldn't make the paint squeeze out the nib), most of them blobbed and all of them became clogged and blocked, so my adventures in nail art came to a bit of a standstill.  The models own pen is really easy to use - the flow started with a little squeeze and also, the really clever bit is that the lid has an extra part inside with a needle like prong which actually inserts into the nib when the pen is not in use to keep it from clogging.  Genius.  Do all nail art pens have this these days?

I got to work copying Gem Fatale's instructions and it was really easy. At first I think I tried to be too careful with the lines, but actually a little jerkiness and even a mistake or too adds to the unique leopard pattern - lucky that, because I'm not very good at these things!  My left hand looks better than my right, as I'm right-handed, but the right hand still looks good, I can just tell the difference if I look at both hands together.

I'm, well impressed and will definitely be trying this out with other colours for the base and spots.  I'm sort of looking forward to the attention I know my nails will get tomorrow at work - everyone's going to want to know how I did it =)

Thanks for the insp gemfatale and sorry for shamelessly copying you!


  1. Verrry nice! Very professional too!
    I see lots of leopard print nails in your future... hehe :-)

    My NOTD is a bit plain in comparison:
    NOTD: SpaRitual - It's Raining Men

    Can't wait to see more designs with your new pen!


  2. I love leopard print nails, yours look great, I like the colours you choose :)

  3. wow they look fab!! im going to have to try those,


  4. amazing i love it!!!!!!!<3

    http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ hope you can check it out hope you find it interesting:) I have a new post xx

  5. Thanks for all the encouragement - I couldn't believe how fool-proof this is! I've tried a few other designs but I need some more practice before they look good enough for me to leave the house!


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