3 Jan 2011

versatile blogger award

Seeing as I've now been tagged three times for this award (thank you!) it would be rude not to do it.  I hope you're not getting bored with facts about me... I'll try to include some different info this time.

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seven VERY random things about me!
1. I learnt to talk (said my first word) at 14 weeks old - my Mum promises this is true and says she's been unable to shut me up since *predictable Mum humour*
2. I have a scar on my left leg which is from being accidentally kicked by an ice-skate when I was 11
3. I have two dwarf hamsters called Stitch and Hammy (Hammy was named by my unimaginative bf)
4. I have one true best friend, we're very alike but don't look very different (she's blonde, skinny etc), but everyone mixes us up (odd)
5. I can't drive and have never had a single lesson
6. I have a fairly responsible but dull job and have around 25 people working for me in my team
7. I seriously think I'm allergic to wine and have just decided to give it up.  Whenever I drink it, even if it's one glass, I have a stomach ache and feel sick the next day

10 questions
1. why did you create this blog?
I created the blog because I was inspired by the other blogs I was ready at the time and wanted to join in on all the girlie fun.

2. what kind of blogs do you follow?
Fashion and beauty blogs.  I love seeing hauls and how people put on their make-up or put an outfit together.  I learn so much from blogs.  I also follow some baking blogs as I like to make cupcakes.  Oh and nail art blogs, but that probably comes under beauty.

3. favourite makeup brand
hmmm tough one, I'm not devoted to any one brand.  I like Mac of course, but I also really like some Urban Decay, Too Faced, Benefit and Nars stuff that I have.  My fave foundation is Revlon colour stay and best concealer I've tried is Laura Mercier.

4. favourite clothing brand

5. indispensable makeup product
I wouldn't go out with just foundation on and nothing else, but I couldn't go out without it, so I guess it's foundation.

6. favourite colour
depends what for - generally purple but for make-up I don't wear a lot of purple on my face!

7. favourite perfume
right now Nina by Nina Ricci because it's my newest, but all time fave is J'adore by Dior

8. favourite film
predictable answer up ahead - Love Actually and Bridget Jones 

9. what country would you like to visit and why?
Egypt as I've wanted to go there for ages, I think I might actually make it this year.  I'd also love to go to Dubai - UAE and Tokyo - Japan as well as New York and Las Vegas (I know they're not countries okay!)

10. make the last question yourself and answer - what was your best discovery of 2010?
Finding a foundation that sticks to my face ALL day long - Revlon colour stay and an eye-liner I can apply in a perfectly straight line (most of the time) - Maybelline Express liner

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