3 Jan 2011

When it's cold outside, this'll make you feel... even colder!

I had blogging blues after my hols and never got around to posting any pics.  Now I'm fully back up and running and all excited with my new name and design - here they are!

I like posts that let pictures do the talking, so I'll shut up for a change and just say this is wonderful Aruba, we went in October 2010 for the bf's big birthday.  If you want to know more about anything, just comment and ask x

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  1. Omg Aruba looks so beautiful. Great photos! The swans and elephant made from the towels are so cute and clever! The thing you're doing underwater with the big helmets(?!) looks amazing to do but I'd be so freaked out if the fish got that close to me! You look gorgeously tanned, btw! x


  2. Wow Aruba looks amazing!

    I've tagged you for an award: http://www.dottiek.com/2011/01/versatile-blogger-award.html xxx

  3. Hi Jade. Thank you! I wonder if they thought we were on honeymoon (we weren't!) as we kept getting the lovely towel art nearly every day.

    The thing with the helmets is called Sea Trek - it's a heavy deep sea diver's type helmet with an air tube attached - it weighs you down so you can walk along the bottom of the ocean but still breathe normally. It was amazing! The fish swam near you but didn't touch you so it wasn't too freaky! Thanks for reading and commenting x

    Hi Kim - thanks for the award, I've just done the tag now x


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