25 Feb 2011

It's the little things

It's the little things that make me happy 

Cute keyrings on my keys

My dwarf hamster - Stitch 

My blinging iphone cover (that's stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch if you're wondering)

Japenese kawaii inspired lunch boxes

My kitsch cupcake cookie jar

Desk critters

My cookbook collection

Photos of family and friends, postcards and fun magnets on the fridge

The collection of tiny Stitches on the shelf going down the stairs

My lush stash

Opening the Lush stash and having a good sniff!

Candles so pretty I'll probably never burn them

Beautiful perfume bottles 

Surrounding myself with cute and pretty things always cheers me up =)


  1. I love this post! Your hamster is possibly the cutest thing ever! x

  2. Do you maybe like Lilo and Stitch? haha, just guessing? It made me smile, because I just love any cartoon and get over attached to it (it was me and bunch of 3 year olds sitting at the edge of our seats this summer at toy story 3 screaming- "no!' "careful!" and sobbing and crying in the end)

  3. Thanks Christina - I keep meaning to do a whole post on my hamster, but he hardly ever stays still so it's really hard to take any pictures of him!

    Filipa, yep, I love Stitch, how did you guess?! I think everyone secretly loves toy story too, you're not alone!

  4. Ohmygosh! We love them all too. Hooooooow cute!? Oh hai Stitch! <3 Lola Rose smells amazing. We have lots of cute vinyl toys too 0:) Muhahaha. It's all about the little things ;)

    T & J



  5. Your hamster is too cute! And I love your frog key cover! That would make me grin everytime I got my phone out of my pocket :)

  6. Firstly, thankyou for becoming a follower of my new blog - i really appreciate it! And secondly, OMG i LOVE your blog, it's amazing!

    I was also wondering if you could give a new blogger a few tips? How do i sort out my layout so that i have pictures down one side, and past posts on the other? Similar to yours? Would really appreciate any help you or other bloggers could give me :) thanks!

    Cupcakes Cocktails Couture xoxo

  7. Thanks people - this is a really fun post to do - maybe I should figure out how to make it a tag for other people to try too?

    Hi Laura - thanks, that's very nice of you to say! I've left a comment on your blog with some advice on pictures and sidebars and stuff, but I'm no expert!


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