12 Feb 2011

Just found a gorgeous home accessories website...

I was just searching online for a cream wrought iron cake stand, similar to the one I spied on Belle's kitchen table in secret diary of a call girl the other night, and I found this beauty.

It's from a website called melody maison I've never come across this site before, so I had a browse around and they have some truly gorgeous stuff.  It's making me want to re-decorate me whole house!

I thought I'd share with you some pictures of some of the pretty things that caught my eye...

As well as the cake stand I love the wall mannequin, the lanterns and the storage boxes.  Do you like this sort of vintage style?


  1. I love this kind of thing! Im decorating my room soon and thinking of going with this kind of theme x

  2. I discovered this a while ago and fell in love with their dressing tables.


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