24 Feb 2011

My favourite jewellery

I've noticed that I go through real phases with my jewellery and tend to have favourite pieces that I wear all the time until I get something new that takes me in another direction.  

I hardly ever used to wear gold, even in costume jewellery until I got my watch.  Since then I've tend to gravitate towards other gold pieces to add to my collection.

I got this gold sideways cross necklace in the summer after I saw it on Taylor in The Rachel Zoe Project and then on Lollipop26.  I've worn this so much since I got it and always get asked about why it's sideways or where I got it from.

Cheap, plastic, pink and bow-shaped, what's not to love?

I asked my boyfriend to get me this scrabble necklace when he wanted to know something I wanted for Valentine's day.  It was only cheap and I can tell it's not going to last very long, but I like it for now.  I ummed and arred over whether I wanted a scrabble necklace as I wasn't sure it was very 'me'.  Once I saw this one with the little pink flower I decided it had just the right touch of prettiness about it.  The BF thinks it's funny that is has G2 on it and keeps calling me a "like a G6". 

I've also noticed I get attracted to cute animal jewellery lately too.  The mouse ring is the most impractical ring ever as the tail catches on everything, but I like its quirkiness.  My brother asked me why I had a rat on my finger...

I love my chubby owl earrings so much that I'm planning on buying not one, but two back-up pairs for when these ones break or get lost!  They're another thing that people always notice and ask me about.

I just realised I didn't feature any bracelets, ah well, maybe that's another post!



  1. Oh god I love the Marc Jacobs watch! I never wore watches but since I got my Michael Kors one I have become obsessed! Where did you get it from if you don't mind me asking? It's lush. x

  2. Love the Marc Jacobs!

  3. Thanks Ladies, I love it too! Mine came from Macy's in New York, but I know they sell MJ watches in Ernest Jones and sometimes on asos xx


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