12 Feb 2011

New season spring Primark haul

Do you know that feeling when you go into Prirmark hoping to pick up some bargains but end up coming out with just a pair of tights?  I always feel defeated when a Primark raid goes bad.  The most common cause for this is when I go in there too often, and there's nothing new or interesting to look at.  Happily enough, Primark's full on new Spring collection has landed, and when I went in there recently it was like everything in the shop was all shiny and new, pastel coloured and floral printed - some proper raiding could be done!

There was so much lovely stuff catching the eye of me and the bestie that we actually bothered to queue up and try things on - I've not done that in Pri for ages, there's no point if you've only got one or two things.  It's just as well I did some trying on, as some of the tops around at the moment are those massive balloon baggy type things, and they looked really silly on me, so they went back on the rack.  

Here's what I ended up getting.

Dark grey long open cardigan with see-through floral pattern - £10

The most amazing dress I've ever found in Primark!  It's mad of a thick stretchy jersey type material and it's a ponte type dress like the ones I usually buy from asos.  It fits well and is was only £11!  Please Primark, make this in other colours!

Cameo print scarf - £3.  I'm not usually a scarf wearer, but I fancied venturing into becoming one and I really liked this print.  I've worn it once so far to work and was a little bit worried it made me look like I was 40, but I was reassured that it didn't!

Bird print tunic / short dress - I think it was £8.  I've been wearing this with leggings and cardigans

When I first saw these open kimono type tops in the shops I decided I definitely didn't like the billowing sleeves and that I didn't want one.  Then I saw someone wearing one and instantly realised how wrong I'd been!  Primark had cream, this mink colour or black with a stag print.  I love mink at the moment and have lots this will go with, so went with that, but I was really tempted to get cream too.  This was £11 too I think.

My friend severely took the piss out of me for buying this floral garland headband thing, but I just couldn't help myself, it's so pretty!  I've told her that I'm wearing it to her next bbq when it's sunny!  I also got the bracelet next to it which has a mixture if fabric coloured beads, pink beads, gold ones and pearls.  Love this for £3.

Not Primark, I picked up these bracelets when I was doing the food shop in Sainsbury's.  Some of their jewellery is really pretty and quite reasonable.  The set of bangles was £6 and the floral bangle was £5.

I can't wait for Primark to refresh their stock again!


  1. I love a bit of primark splurging! Did the same today
    Love the burnout cardi, very nice!

  2. Great buys, love the black dress!!

    Sadie x

  3. Love the black dress - I tried on one like that in Zara today but it was around £40 so definitely going to check out Primark! x

  4. I love primark for a bargain. I've not been in for a while though xx


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