8 Mar 2011

Experimenting with black shatter / crackle (finally!)

I finally caught up with the rest of the world and bought the Barry M black shatter polish!  I was £3.99 in Boots but Barry M was on offer at two for £5 and this included the shatter polish even though it costs £1 more than the other polishes.

First of all I had a little go over a Models Own gold polish - excuse the poor quality, I just took this with my phone and twitpicd it while the nails were drying!

I decided as the following day went on that I really didn't like this black and gold look - it just didn't suit me.  Oh and it completely clashed with what I was wearing.

Next I tried shatter over Nails Inc Caramel.  I liked it more than over the gold, but I felt sort of like I had spoiled my caramel nails once I'd put the shatter on.  It's a bit grunge for my liking!

I decided to pair the shatter with the prettiest colours I could find in my collection to see if it softened the look and made it girlie enough for me.

I like this one the best I think, but it's still a bit too edgy for me, I preferred the nails before the shatter.

It was fun to try this out and I'm now going to pass it on to my friend to play with.  I'm looking forward to the silver shatter OPI polish which is coming out with their Pirates of the Caribbean collection - it'll be much more in tune with the looks I like.


  1. I think it looks really nice. I personally couldn't get on with it - I just couldn't get it to apply right but it looks really nice on your nails! x

  2. I totally agree, I love all things to do with pretty nails and I just haven't really found myself wanting to buy it. I don't really like the idea of it being black and high contrast. I'm looking forward to combining pinks and oranges with the Models Own ones coming out


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