28 Mar 2011

Meet Stitch!

I've waited too long to show you more of my cute little hamster stitch, he's just over 3 months old now!  He's actually a she, but I wanted a boy hamster, so I just pretend!  We've recently made Stitch a little playground for when he's out of his cage, so I took some photos of him exploring it =)

It's a massive storage box which is too tall for him to climb out of, but has plenty of room for running around.  He's a dwarf hamster so he's really tiny and doesn't really get any bigger even when he's fully grown.  He does smell a bit, so we have to clean him out a lot, and he's very mischievous, always trying to escape or gnaw through things - he's living up to his name!

If anyone else is thinking about getting a dwarf hamster and wants to know anything about them, just ask.



  1. Aww he/she's so cute! I'd love a hamster again, I had 2 when I was younger, the first one was a vicious little bugger but my last one was gorgeous and a big chunky thing! Love stitch in the TV! x

  2. My housemate has new 2 dwarves about 6 weeks old, but I have a Syrian. He's called Dougal & he's my favourite thing ever <3


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