31 Mar 2011

NOTD - China Glaze Cracked Concrete & Nails Inc Brompton Place

I got my first China Glaze polish for my birthday, and it was a crackle!  It's a dark grey shade, so I thought it would go nicely with a bright pink.

Having found the right setting on my camera, I can now get detailed close-ups like this on the bottom of the bottles.  Still practising, but getting there!

I'm liking this so much more than the Barry M black crackle, when it comes to nails, black is just not for me.


  1. aww that looks so pretty! i love it :) gotta go try this combo out xxx

  2. That looks really nice!! :) :) The Brompton Nails Inc nail polish looks quite similar to the Albermarle Street one they have too. I did a blog post on it - http://bex-4-ever.blogspot.com/2011/03/notd-nails-inc-nail-polish-in.html I even paired it with Barry M's black Nails effects! It turned out great, but I've tried other nails effects polishes and they're much better quality, and I want to try the China Glaze ones so badly!! :) Great blog post!
    Bex XxX

    P.s. Love your nails! :) X

  3. OMG I love, love, love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...



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