22 Mar 2011

Spring Primark haul

This is actually two trips to Pri combined, one at my local and one at Lakeside.  It's funny how you can find such different stuff when you try other branches.

I got these pretty floral flip flops for £6.  I wore these out in the sunshine at the weekend and I know I'll wear them loads, they're so comfy.

I'm not so sure about these sandals, I've realised I've got a few things similar and a bit nicer already so they might go back.

These tan flats were £8 - I really like the detail on the front and they make a change from black whilst still going with lots of outfits

Coral bag and purse £9 and £3

Oversized navy sheer shirt, I think this was £8

Not sure about this floral jacket, I haven't worked out what I'll wear it with yet

I got these two pussy bow tops as they were cheap, hopefully they'll look nice tucked in 

I couldn't resist this shell print summer dress, even though it's completely the wrong style and shape for me with tiny straps.  I'll wear it with a cardigan or denim shirt over the top

I had some pretty clips like this from Topshop and managed to break them, so these are a good replacement for £2

Nice chunky bracelet

I thought this ruffle dress was a bargain for £10.  I got it in green too but that one's in the wash!

I was really surprised to see Primark doing nail wraps so thought I'd give them a go.  I haven't got round to trying them out yet but I think I'll play with these before I try out the more expensive ones I bought from asos

As everyone else seems to have one of these bendable hair bands I got one too but I can't get it to look right on my head yet

And finally I got this Princess Diana / Kate Middleton inspired ring - trust Pri to jump on a bandwagon!

There's nothing like a good Pri fix for some bargains =)


  1. Wow I really like what you got, I actually love the first sandals you're thinking of taking back! x

  2. My two local ones are pretty big and stock completely different stuff so i have to make two trips. *oh what a shame* ;)

    Havent been to the Lakeside store since before Xmas - definitely think a visit is overdue!


  3. I seriously love it all! x

  4. The shell print summer dress looks adorable!

  5. What a great haul, love the navy shirt and floral jacket... the 'get the look' sticker on the ring is pure comedy - gotta love Primark!
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues


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