13 Apr 2011

asos (secret) sale bargains

On Monday evening I had a delivery from Next - I'd ordered some black cropped trousers as I've been finding it hard to find things to wear to work since the sun started shining.  I don't do skirts and dresses with bare legs and we're not allowed to wear leggings in my office.  I think it's a rather ridiculous rule as they're a good way of making a short dress respectable, but the rule has probably come about because some people have abused them by coming to work in skin tight leggings and a short top proudly displaying their camel toe... put it away please! Anyway, back to the cropped trousers - they arrived and it turned out I'd picked a maternity pair without realising - I'm sure it didn't mention this little important fact online (grrr).  So I decided to have a look on asos to see if they had any cropped trousers I liked.  I spotted that a pair I'd considered too pricey at nearly £50 were suddenly less than half price... oh yes, I'd stumbled across the asos sale before it was advertised!  Go me!  I actually considered phoning my friend to tell her but it was gone 11pm and she doesn't love asos in quite the same (freakishly obsessive) way I do, so I decided she might not appreciate it.  The sale signs went up on the site at midnight, so I was feeling very pleased with myself already having a full basket before my sizes sold out (because Mr Joey Essex, buying stuff two sizes too small is definitely not reem!).

Here's what I got...

Cute little bird bracelet - £3

Back-up black Illamasqua precision ink eyeliner £11.90 (I've only started using this lately and I love it - planning to do a review soon)
Mango dress £14 

Peachy-nude dress £18

Heart print dress £18 - I already have this in the beige and white colour and I've worn it loads already, so I thought I'd get the pink now it's reduced

I really liked this unusual apple print dress, but it was £40 originally.  In the sale it was £22

The mango cropped trousers that helped me find the sale! £22

I also got the apple dress in pink / beige - I probably won't keep both but at the moment I can't decide which one I like best

Mango shirt £23 - I also really liked this when it was full price at £40 so was surprised to get it for nearly half off

Navy ponte dress £24 - no sleeves but I'll be wearing it with blazers etc



  1. Wow, fantastic bargains. I've tried not to look at the ASOS sale because I know I'll want a lot!! xx

  2. Love the blow blouse, I've been wanting to try that liquid liner too! x

  3. That heart dress is so unbelievably amazing, I'm going to have a look to see if any in my size is left (probably not!)


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