25 Apr 2011

Easter nails, Easter eggs and Easter bling holders!

A very easter-y post for you today!

First up, here's my new solution for all those bits and bobs that clutter your dressing table and other surfaces - with me it's always jewellery that I put down after I take it off and can't be bothered to put it away yet.  Also I tend to leave out bits that I know I'll wear the next day.  

These are actually small ice cream serving dishes which I bought in paperchase for £4 each.  I love the colours and the cute flower shape.  Here they are filled with random bling.

I like them so much that I went back to get the yellow one too.

Next are my Easter nails.  Not the neatest I've ever done, but I was in a bit of a rush plus I'm a bit rubbish at nail art and doing straight lines, but I try! 

For this I used models own pastel pink, lilac dream and the white nail art pen.  I think they look a little bit like easter eggs, sort of.  

And now on to the real eggs.  Check out that for a haul - don't my family know I'm supposed to be doing weight watchers?!  =) 

Happy Easter  xx



  1. I love the little ice cream dishes! Such a good storage idea, and they are super cute :) x

  2. Lovely nails sweet - really wish i had te patience to do something like this!! xx

  3. I love those little dishes - so cute! x

  4. really like the dishes! may have a lookie round in paperchase :) n love your nails! made me wanna get more models own lol xxxx

  5. I love the idea of using those little dishes!
    So jealous you got the Malteaser bunny egg too ;)

  6. Those ice cream dishes are adorable, I love them! Loving your Easter nails too <3

  7. Thanks guys, glad you like them! x

  8. I love your nails! I have pastel pink but think I must have got a bad bottle, it's so runny and hard to work with! xx

  9. Sweet blog :) Thanks for following xx

  10. adorable post! i love the dishes, and your nails look awesome! :)



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