24 Apr 2011

A little order from the dark side... H&M

You may remember not so long ago I was ranting about H&M giving poor service both online and instore.  I possibly vowed never to shop there again in my fit of rage...

Well, it's surprising how seeing a cute jacket can make you forget your principles isn't it?  I really did try to find a similar jacket elsewhere but I couldn't, so H&M, you got a second chance with me.  

Here's what I ordered.  

Striped blazer - £24.99 - this is the one that caused me to go back to H&M.  It's white with fine blue stripes, so from a distance it looks pale blue.  I wanted it as an alternative to wearing my open denim shirt in situations where denim is too casual ie work.  Also because I saw a girl wearing something very similar with navy linen trousers and it looked lush.

Navy blazer - £24.99 - I bought this in the hope it'd be a good substitute for the one I want from asos which is £65

 Straw hat - £4.99 - bargain

Love these sunglasses, very Vicky B I think - £4.99

I was careful to order things I thought I would definitely not need to take back as I really dislike the H&M returns policy (which I don't think they make very clear as I found out during my first online shop with them).  If you want to take online items back to a store they will not refund, exchange only.  If you post them back, you get a returns label and they deduct the postage from your refund, oh and it takes them up to 4 weeks to process the return and credit the refund.  Err H&M, take a leaf from asos would you please?

Anyway, back to the point, trying to order things that wouldn't need to go back...

So here's the jacket, I love it and have already worn it clashing nicely with a pink heart dress.  The order was worth if for this jacket

I made a bit of a mistake with the second jacket.  On the model it looks like a relaxed, casual, jersey type blazer, but actually it's a thicker texture and a more formal shape.

And I noticed it had an unfinished / split seam - good quality eh?

Sadly the hat was another disappointment.  It's the perfect size and shape but sadly H&M decided it was appropriate to ship it to me in simply plastic bag packaging and the hat was completely squashed and ruined on its journey.

I tried re-shaping it, but one of the bends / squashes had actually caused some of the straw to break and made a hole.  Not the look I was going for!

If you're wondering, that nail polish is Nails Inc Hans Crescent.

And finally the sunglasses - what could go wrong with them?  Not much to be fair, I love the shape on me and they're my new faves.  They also come in a cream / beige colour which I'm tempted by.  Although they did have a white scratch mark on the arm (I didn't photograph it).  

It's only small and near the ear, so can't really be seen, but it was just another sign to me of the lack of care H&M are putting into their online business - I mean seriously, out of one order 75% of the items were damaged - that's poor in anyone's opinion.  I think they're lucky they design some really nice stuff which means customers perhaps are prepared to put up with some bad service and poor quality, but they shouldn't bank on this!  

Let's see what happens when I take the damaged hat and jacket back to the shop...



  1. The H&M website is one of the biggest let downs in ages. I was really looking forward to it as there isn't one in Oxford but I won't be ordering anything from there. I love those sunglasses though, look way more expensive than £4.99!

  2. I know, and it's sad that they really don't seem to care. When I phoned them to find out if my return had gone awol as it had been 3 weeks since I sent it back, the girl I spoke to sounded so bored as if she dealt with those kinds of calls every day from people who were shocked by the process. Have you been on their website lately? To be fair I think it's had a re-design and is actually much easier to shop and navigate than it was before!

    Thanks for always being a regular commenter! x

  3. aww that's okay lovely! I haven't been on their website in ages actually, I remember the last time I looked they had really limited stock compared to the shop and nothing really caught my eye. I will have to give it another look!

  4. Gah I wish I didn't hate H&M. But their website is awful, their shops are inconsistent and badly laid out, and their quality isn't brilliant. What winds me up most about the website is that they will have completely different t-shirt all as the same one just in different colours, so you look at a shirt, pick a different colour, and it is actually a whole different print! I imagine many people have missed stuff they would have liked just because it's shown as something else.
    It sucks that they fouled up your order so much! I guess as a highstreet store they don't feel like they need to put enough resources into their online business

  5. That's true Caz - I never really thought about it but now you say it I know I've done the same, clicked on the other colour and it's something entirely different! They count on their popularity and low prices to keep customers coming back and think they don't need to bother with much else I think! We could clearly do a better job if we were in charge!


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