3 Apr 2011

Nail varnish storage (and happy mother's day!)

For my birthday I got one of the infamous storage boxes from WHSmiths (the bird print one) and this is what I've done with it

It's taken root on my second dressing table and has already found another feathered friend - my owl cookie jar!

A close up of the pretty printed sides =)

And now the most important side - the inside!  

The top three drawers have top coats and base coats, collection 2000 hot looks mini polishes, Barry M and a  few others like Gosh and Bourjois

The larger middle drawers have all of my Nails Inc on the left (I managed to cram them all in as the drawer is deep enough for two layers) and Models Own and OPI on the right.  And I think that's a random Sephora that's snuck in... that should be in the top right... if I weren't so lazy I'd be OCD

And until the top and middle drawers become over crowded, the large bottom draw is housing supplies like nail varnish remover, nail files, cotton wool pads, back-up top and base coats etc.  FYI my favourite base in Nails Inc A&E or Kensington Caviar and for top coat it's got to be Seche Vite.

Some slightly wonky pictures towards the end... my camera battery was running out and I wanted to finish!

Happy mother's day to any mums reading.  My brother and I are taking ours out for lunch today to a posh(ish) Chinese / Thai restaurant.  Not sure how that's going to go down with the weight watchers weigh in tomorrow - eek.

mint green with stargazer lily mothers day cake from sugarlicious ltd

*photo from google images - I cannot bake cakes this pretty!


  1. Massive collection, very nice

  2. Great collection! I love the WH Smith storage boxes, I have one for everything, make up, polish, jewellery :) xxx

  3. OOOOOO fab love having a nose at other peoples collections :) xx

  4. Ooh that storage box is so lovely! I love the print on the sides xoxo


  5. wow you have so much nail varnish!! Love the box youre keeping them in :) xx


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