21 Apr 2011

Nails Inc QVC collection

Last week QVC did a today's special value on Nails Inc.  I've picked up most of my collection this way as the sets are such good value when you consider they cost around £11 each to buy singularly.

This set of 7 lovely summer shades cost me around £27 with postage, that's less than £4 each!

Here are the colours in the set, as usual, all named after places in London

Aren't they pretty?  My favourites I can't wait to try are the peachy hans crescent and camden lock which is an electric blue with glitter

I'm sure nearly all of these will be featuring in my NOTDs soon



  1. cant wait to see hans crescent I love those kind of shades :) i must be the only person who never watches qvc haha x

  2. A really nice collection, I don't think there's a single shade that I wouldn't wear! My only problem is the Nails Inc collections always seem to have Shoreditch in, it's one of my favourites but I don't need it 10 times!

  3. @olivia - thank you hun

    @Adrienne - it's coming up in a NOTD post tomorrow!

    @Bobbydazzle - that's true, I already had shoreditch too, but it's one of my favourite toes colours!

  4. That's a great set - some gorgeous colours in there (particularly liking Camden Lock on first glance!) - what a bargain :)


  5. I have Shoreditch and its gorgeous :) x



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