1 Apr 2011

Random updates and Next sale

I went for a boring little trip to Homebase with the bf and found this retro fruit / cake stand (on the left) for £5.99.  It reminded me a little bit of one with lovely butterflies that I'd seen before online for £25 (on the right).  Obviously the Homebase one is not as nice, but it was a bargain and I'm planning to customise it! 

I was meeting my bf and my brother for dinner after weight watchers the other night and as I was early, I randomly popped into Lidl and got this card and giftbag for mother's day.  The card was 99p and the bag I think was £1.29 - bargain

Also in Lidl I saw these mini trial packs of Dorset cereals.  I've thought about trying these before but I didn't know which one to get, so now I can try six different ones.  These were £2.49

 These shoes arrived from asos and they're my absolute favourite thing right now.  I'm looking forward to the sun coming out again this weekend so that I can take them out for a walk 

I'm trying to get better at taking photos and have started trying out the different settings on my camera (about time!) and I managed to get quite a good close up of the bling detail

I've wanted some sort of dessert dishes for a while and picked up four of these from Next. They're a summer barbeque type range, so they're plastic and only £1.50 each.  I've been using them to make weight watchers trifles - more about that soon!

I also got four of the glasses from the same range just because I think they're so pretty

 Here are the bits I got in the Next spring sale, not much as it's a much smaller sale than the one after Christmas.  My best sale purchase was these boots.  

I have real trouble with knee-high boots and I have chubby little legs, but these are perfect because they're stretchy at the back.  They were £70 down to £35.  They're a bit big as they didn't have my size, but I usually wear chunky socks under boots anyway.

I also got this coral red heart print dress - you can't see the shape properly with it just hanging here but it's got nice ruffle detailing on the hips

You can see the ruffles a bit better here.  This was £20

I couldn't resist these super snuggly pjs for £9

This dress is going back for a refund - it was very tight fitting and not a good look!

I'm also taking this skirt back.  I liked the pattern and the shape, but when I tried it on it didn't look very nice and suddenly seemed a bit of a granny skirt! 

And finally a skirt I do like - I bought this on eBay particularly because I wanted a peplum skirt.  I think they're really flattering as they skim any tummy bumps and look very smart with tops tucked in.  Well at least I hope it will, I haven't worn it yet!



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