23 Apr 2011

Sneaky little jewellery haul

I love buying really cheap (sometimes tacky) jewellery, by the time it falls apart, I'm probably bored of it anyway!  I had a little browse in Peacocks, which I always find very hit and miss.  I didn't see any clothes I liked, but they had some pretty jewellery bits, so I indulged.

This bracelet was £5 and I think it screams "Pat Butcher" but I love it

This little ladybug was only £4 and it's on a really really long chain.  My friend at work came back from her holidays with a lovely little russian doll type necklace from forever21 and she didn't get me one (the bitch) so I was pleased when she was jel of this.  Now we're even!

And I also got these Kate Middleton engagement ring inspired earrings for £4.50.

I already had the Primark Kate/ Diana ring, so it goes quite well with the earrings.  Although the ring is gold coloured and the earrings are silver, you can't really tell when the earrings are being worn.

Not Peacocks, but Primark, I got this little beauty for £1.50.  Another friend had this on and made me very jel - I beefed her for not picking up one for me as it was so obvious I would need it in my life!  Luckily as my Mum works quite near a Primark it was only a phone call away from being mine =)



  1. you can buy Forever 21 in the Uk, is this the necklace you meant? http://www.forever21.com/UK/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=acc_necklace&ProductID=1000010431&VariantID=

  2. sorry I meant you link you this one


  3. Thanks, but that's not the same one =( I did have a search on there and couldn't find it, but I'll keep trying! x

  4. I like that bracelet, nice and summery :)


  5. ooh there all so beautiful! love the summery bracelet :) xx


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