21 May 2011

John Frieda root awakening (and more) review

I really want to get into doing more reviews, so I'll start with the hair products I've been using lately which all happen to be the same brand - John Frieda.

This is John Frieda root awakening shampoo for normal hair 

I have the most annoying hair type ever in my opinion.  I have roots that get greasy within 24 hours and can look limp and lifeless, and the lengths can be dry and frizzy.  I always try new shampoos every time my last one runs out as I'm always searching for that miracle combination which will mean I don't have to wash my hair every day.

I liked the sound of the name of this shampoo and thought it might give some volume or bounce at the roots and prevent the lank look.  It's a fresh smelling shampoo that lathers easily and leaves my hair ready for de-tangling and styling, but I haven't noticed any awakening of my roots!  I'm not really a fair tester for this as the tube states it's for normal hair and that's definitely not what I've got!  It's been a good shampoo in that it hasn't dried out the lengths of my hair or caused excessive or for it to become even greasier, which I sometimes find when using 'normal' shampoos.  

Due to my thirsty lengths I chose the conditioner for dry hair

The conditioner is thick and creamy and feels quite luxurious when applied.  I always tend to use too much conditioner as I'm concious my hair is damaged, so this ran out before the shampoo (hence the stock photo).  I was happy with the conditioner of my hair while using this, it left my hair feeling moisturised and de-tangled, although I did still get some dry looking frizziness as the back of my head, so I think the conditioner wasn't quite heavy enough for my problem hair.  Having said that, it didn't give me any extra greasiness which was good.

As well as the shampoo and conditioner I've also been trying Frizz-Ease thermal protection serum

I've been applying this to wet hair alongside my Lee Stafford Poker Straight blowdry faster spray.  It's excellent for managing wet hair and making it easy to brush and blowdry.  I make sure to keep it away from my roots and end up with blowdried hair that actually looks fairly sleek.  My ends often look frizzy and unruly so I've been putting extra on those.  I'm probably using much more of the product than you're supposed to, but I really hate frizziness in my hair!

And finally my favourite product - Frizz-Ease Secret Agent perfecting creme

This is a finishing creme, so I believe you're supposed to rub a tiny amount over your hair at the end of styling.  I originally bought the product for that purpose, but I've found it works brilliantly with straightening.  If I want to try and achieve a really sleek look I smooth put a small amount of this over the lengths of my hair before going in for a second round of straightening.  If you use too much you will get a bit if steam and sizzle off the straighteners (got some of that it my eye one day!) so do use a very small amount.  For me it's a bit of a miracle product, nothing else makes the dry lengths look so sleek.  I don't use this everyday as I usually wear my hair with flicks at the ends because it's still quite short, but when I want it sleek and straight this is my holy grail product.  

Any suggestions for which shampoo I should try next for my greasy roots and dry frizzy ends?

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  1. Gosh sounds like we have v similar hair type - drives me nuts! Always hunting holy Grail products but not found yet! Great review may try the styling cream. I have frizz ease volumising mousse, which I like & straightening spray which is ok. X


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