2 May 2011

A little H&M store haul (better than the online experience!)

So following my rather unsuccessful second online order with H&M due to 3 of the 4 items being faulty (!!) I took them into my local store.  I now know that they don't refund online purchases, they only exchange or you have to post them back.  I wasn't sure what they'd say about something that was faulty, but as it happens, there were plenty of things I wanted to exchange for so I didn't find out.

I exchanged my holey hat and blazer for...

Maxi dress - £14.99

Blue and white stripey ruffle shirt - £12.99

Ruffle sleeve blue top - £10 in the sale

Tan ruffle top - £10ish?  
I'm noticing a ruffle theme to these purchases!

Red and white stripey ruffle shirt - £12.99

Lots of gold bangles (my old ones tarnished) £3.99
Seashell and gold necklace - £7.99
Little flower hair clips - £1.99

They didn't have another of the damaged hat, so I got this one - £6.99

Sunglasses - £4.99
I kept the black ones even though they had a little mark as it was by the ear and I got the same ones in cream too

I also bought a really nice tan double buckle belt for £9.99.  Wore it with the maxi dress, sunglasses and hat to a barbecue.  Love this haul!

H&M, you have redeemed yourself by virtue of the lovely stuff you sell, not your customer service!!

You can see the results of my massive clear out, and maybe buy something - make-up blog sale - and  -  clothes blog sale.

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  1. Great buys Gem. i love the hat and belt ohh and the sunglasses and the creamish ruffle top!
    I used to think i didnt like h&m but over the past 6 months its almost become my fave. xxx

  2. I love that hat and those sunglasses! x

  3. Great haul, I love the H&M maxi dresses, I'm after one at the minute :-) x


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