29 May 2011

A little nail art haul - stamping plates

I've been wanting to try nail art stamping for ages but the plates seemed quite expensive.  Also, as is just typical, the images I liked were usually all on different plates!

I found out from daisylovesxo on twitter (and she has a blog) that you can buy sets of nail plates on ebay really cheaply, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  

I got all of these plates (9) plus the stamping and scraping tools for £7.09 including postage from China.  This is the ebay seller I used.  

There are some very random images I would never use, but lots of nice ones too.  I was a bit disappointed not to get any of the nice bow images I've seen a lot, but I did get a few pretty butterflies.  

So far I've not been very successful trying these out as I didn't know that you can't just use any old nail polish for stamping.  So far I've tried nails inc and models own and they didn't work.  Apparently it's because they dry too quickly.  I've looked into it a bit more and Konad do a range of "special polishes" meant for stamping.  They're quite expensive and seem to come in fairly basic primary colours and black and white, so I haven't made any purchases yet.  

Does anyone do nail plate stamping and can you recommend which polishes I can get that would work?  If not, I might get these from ebay for £6.78 and see how I go.  They're from this seller.

I've also just bought these nail art dotting tools from this ebay seller

They were £2.99 but there are people selling them for much less if you have the patience to bid!  I'm not sure whether they are four of the same tool or whether they will do different sized dots.  Either way, they look pretty!  If they are all the same I'll keep one and give the others to friends - spread that nail art love!

Hopefully with this little lot I'll have some exciting NOTDs coming up soon!



  1. Wow good luck you must have more patience than me! x

  2. Hi Gem! Just read your post re stamping and thought I'd leave a comment as it sounds like you're going through exactly the same process I went through a couple of months ago!!!!

    The good news is that I'm now stamping every mani that I do and I loves it!!!! Plus it looks pretty cool too (and all my friends are jealous - ha ha!!!!)

    I tried all 125 of my polishes (CG, OPI, orly etc etc) and none of them worked! I caved and bought the konad polishes in black and White and they make a massive difference. I read that the CG chrome polishes work, but couldn't easily get them so bought the my face lil bing chrome polish from boots and it works pretty well! Also, try the Miss Sporty metal polishes (zodiac is really good) which you can get from Superdrug and Boots.

    Good luck and lots of love xxxx

  3. @strawberry blonde - well I'm not so sure, they might be a one minute wonder!

    @emma - thanks so much for the tips, I guess I'll have to buy the proper polishes. I'll definitely keep my eye out for any chrome polishes and give them a try too. Thanks so much! x

  4. I had trouble using my Konads with Barry M too, was hoping that I wouldn't have to buy the expensive polishes! May try Miss Sporty first. Never thought I'd be on a mission to find slow drying polishes!
    I bought those nail dotting tools the other week, I think they are all the same size, if not the difference is hardly noticeable xx

  5. I've tried Konad once...and failed miserably! Maybe I need to try a different polish too x

  6. Wow! this is amazing news!
    My sister gave me a set of Konad (two plates and 1 nail polish) and I never had the time or energy to do it but I always think I want more plates! The ones I have are for the full nail so I need ones with little details.
    My sister did my nails with the Konad stuff nail polishes and I have to say...it lasted for ages! I know they are hard to get but I guess they are worth it. Strange they didn't come out with good dupes yet.

  7. Great buys! With the dotting tools they are all different sized dots! And I need to get some proper stamping polishes myself! The only polish that has really worked for me is MUA black.

  8. @stundon I know! I'm trying to remember which polishes in my collection I usually avoid for that exact reason as they might be good for this!

    @zoe they look really good in the designs some people have, so I'm hoping it's worth the effort!

    @mercedes it's much more tempting when you can get so many more designs for the price of one of the real plates!

    @Olivia I'm hoping the ones I've bought are the same then! Is MUA that cheapy range from Superdrug? I'll give that a go, thanks!


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