30 May 2011

Major lustings for Zara shoes

I don't often shop in Zara as the sizing confuses me and I don't think anything will fit.  Also they only ever seem to have two pieces of anything I like and they're usually both in extra small.  Because of that as far as I can remember the only things I've ever owned from Zara is a pair of shoes and a belt.  But, considering I've now discovered most of the shoes are completely amazing, I don't really care what clothes they sell!

On a recent trip I fell in love with these black cut away heels.  I think they're so classic and glamorous. I've been in there twice to try them on but couldn't part with the £60 they cost as the 4 was a bit tight and the 5 too big and the main reason was because they're suede so would tarnish after one or two wears.

Suede shoes look lovely but they are so impractical.  I wish they made them in a different finish.

My friend fell in love with a pair of shoes too, and unlike me she actually bought them!  I can see why, they are seriously stunning, I'm well jel!

I've heard Zara have quite good sales, so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for the shoes I liked to be reduced, you never know =)


  1. Someone I know on a forum has those black ones and they look divine on. I think you should go and get the 5's and buy an insole (but then I'm a naughty enabler!!!) x

  2. @Zoe you are so bad! They are amazing, I've tried them on twice and wandered around the shop admiring my feet! I saw someone trying to sell them on eBay for £120 saying they're rare and sold out - nuts! x

  3. I love those Zara shoes, my friend bought them when they first came out and they look lush on. Unfortunately the heel is too high for me, boo.

    Sadie xx

  4. Oooh they are both lovely!! Im bad too though and I would be naughty and buy the 4 and squeeze in to them :-)
    x x

  5. Oh my word, the shoes your friends bought are amazing! The black ones look so classy, they'll never go out of fashion x

  6. whats the style number of those shoes. i've been loking for them like crazy. thanks!

  7. Very sexy and the first one a little hard to walk robesdemariee2013.com


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