15 May 2011

Spring / Summer May 2011 Primark haul

So after all that talk of restraining my purchases after seeing how much crap I could gather for a bootsale, ironically my next post is a Primark haul.  ooops.

It's actually two separate hauls combined, so they're both actually really small!  Also I hardly bought any clothes.  I think Primark is the shop where I'm most likely to wear something once and never again as I buy things because they're cheap, not because they're really nice.

I did pick up a fair few pairs of shoes, but they're all summer necessities, and I cleared our loads of pairs for the boot sale / charity shop.

Diamante bow, peep-toe glitter jellies - it's a combo overload of all of my fave things!

Terracotta pleated midi skirt - if I can't pull this off I'll take it back!

Black bow flats - I saw a lady wearing these in gold and they looked lush, but they must be sold out

I have these in beige but when I saw a girl wearing them in blue they looked so much nicer and more expensive that they are.  Plus navy is practically my favourite colour at the moment.

Believe it or not, I was lacking a pair of basic flip flops like these.  Okay they're not that basic as they have a bow and some bling, but this is as basic as I roll!  I'll wear these on holiday. You can't go wrong for £2.50.

The picture of these gold flower sandals doesn't do them justice at all.  I absolutely love them, they're the nicest shoes I've bought in ages.

I have these ballet flats in tan and I like how they're flats but glam, so I got them in black too.  The soles are really thin though, so if I walk in them for a long time my feet ache.  Last time I wore the tan ones for a long time I actually got a big blister on the sole of my foot, so I'm going to put some squishy inner soles in them.

Another pair of jellies... okay I now realise I probably didn't need these and the peep-toe ones.  Maybe I'll take one of them back if I can decide which.

I don't often wear trousers, but on hot days when it would be a crime to wear black tights with a dress or skirt, I am more likely to wear skinny or cropped trousers.  I'm lacking in tops to wear with trousers for work, so I got these for £8 each.  They look rubbish and baggy on the hangers, but they have a tie back to they look nice on tucked in or loose.  

These face wipes were two packs for £1, so I thought I'd give them a try

I've decided I want to be more of a scarf wearer but as I don't own many scarves at all, I needed to add to my collection.  

Green leopard


Pink and purple leaf print

Grey / black / multi floral 

These are all extra long oversized scarves so there's lots you can do with them.  I always think I might look like a granny in a shorter scarf! 

Not from Primark, but this is my new scarf rack

It's from Wilkinsons and it was £4

I heart Primark =)


  1. Love the scarf rack, may have a look for that myself :-) x

  2. Fab haul, i love the Jellie Shoes and the Gold Shoes <3.

    Sadie x


  3. aw wow, loving the jellie shoes, i remember having these as a child, these new ones are actually really pretty though xx

  4. I love primarks £2.50 flip flops, they are the comfiest I've ever bought x

  5. Oooh uber haul! Those top shoes are absolutely amazing! So girly + perfect!


  6. awww i'm loving the jellies! i haven't worn them since i was a kid but i'm loving them coming back in fashion now! amazing!!!

  7. I have a thing for jelly shoes right now, I'm really loving the pump ones.

  8. Fab shoes! I love jellies, I used to live in some bright yellow ones when I was little. I used to always wear frilly socks with them...I probably wouldn't do that now :P x

  9. Everyone's loving the jelly shoes, does this mean I can keep both pairs?! =)

  10. yes definitely :) how much were those second pair? I'd quite like to buy them myself!

  11. @bobbydazzle only £5, bargainlicious!

  12. I need those jelly shoes! They are amazing and take me back to my childhood! My jelly shoes are the first pair of shoes I remember as a child! Yellow and glittery with a heel! xx

  13. thats quite a haul! wow. love the scarves! jelly shoes are back, for good.

  14. Love primark , so glad i moved to the uk for wilkinsons alone that place is ace... love the navy sandals.. gorge!! A



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