12 Jun 2011

graze box number 3 review

Graze box number three has been chomped and chewed =)

I came home really late from work one night last week and I was too tired and stressed to make any dinner, so I attacked my graze box.  I forgot to take photos before I started munching, so this week I'll be using the photos from the graze website.

Bento box - vom
This is wasabi coated peas, chilli broad beans and spicy chilli maize.  The wasabi peas were nice, and I liked all the spicy flavours, but I definitely don't like maize or broad beans.  I got some of these in a different mix last week, but I've been back on the site and set up so that now I won't get anything with maize or broad beans in my boxes again.

black forest - nom
This one was yummy.  It has walnuts, jumbo raisins and strawberries.  I didn't know if I would like walnuts, but they were really nice.  They're like a soft and flakey sort of nut, not really hard at all.  The raisins and strawberries were juicy and tasty too.  I liked this much more than I expected I would.

bounty hunter - nom
I was looking forward to trying this mix which has coconut cubes, cranberries and milk chocolate drops.  I'll never say no to anything chocolate and I'm a big coconut fan.  This one seemed really indulgent with the chocolate and the cranberries were sort of sticky and lovely.  I could have eaten a lot more of this one!

honeycomb flapjack - double nom
An obvious nom really, I don't think the flapjacks will ever disappoint me - they're the nicest ones I've ever tried.  I really enjoyed this, although the apple and cinnamon flapjack in my first bow is my favourite.

If you want to give this a whirl you can get your first box for free and your second half price, just go to www.graze.com and enter my code - 1Z5QZMB - if you do, I'll get £1 off a future box too =) 


  1. They look great but a bit overpriced for me.
    I have a giveaway running on myh blog at the mo

  2. Great post, thanks for the code. I just ordered one to try, though I may as well as it's free :)

  3. Hi Rebecca - thanks for buying a box with my code (at least I think you did - the name on there wasn't Rebecca!) xx


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