5 Jun 2011

Little updates

I started doing "week in photos" posts a while ago, but I'm not organized enough to do them every week.  Instead,  I think I'll do the more random and irregular "little updates".  

This past week, or week and a half actually, has been the week from hell at work.  It's been stressing me out and making me really tired and has stopped me from having time to blog.  I haven't even been able to get to the post office to post out my giveaway prize yet =(  Doing the little updates posts is a good way of catching up with the bits I've not had time to blog about.

So....I finally opened up my Easter peanut m&ms - I wish they were always these colours

I made a ridiculous amount of cake for work to cheer eveyone up and thank them for all their effort while we've been so manic.  Thank goodness we had a bank holiday last week or I wouldn't have had the time or energy to make all these!

This is my lemon victoria sponge with marshmallows.  I've made my lemon cake loads of times now and everyone seems to really like it.

This is the same but with white chocolate frosting on the top and in the middle, decorated with chocolate buttons.  I wasn't so happy with how these looked, but I had so many cakes to make I didn't have too much time to spend on decorating them.

I've made these cookies before too.  They're a good recipe when you need to feed lots of people as it makes a lot and they don't take too much time or effort.  I've discovered you should poke the smarties in just as they come out of the oven.  If you put them in the dough before the oven as the recipe says, the heat discolours them (as you can see on some of the ones at the bottom of the pile).

I went into m&s with my friend Heather to pick up my favourite drinks which are their fizzy cocktails in a bottle.  If you've never tried them I urge you to get some now!  They're like bucks fizz but posher, cooler and tastier as they come in wicked flavours like kir royale, cosmopolitan, mohito etc.  While we were in there we spotted these percy pig ice creams!  Amaze!  Btw, that's models own silver crackle on my thumb over barry m berry ice cream.

I know it's really, really bad, but I like a lot of salt on my food.  There's certain things I don't have salt on at all, and others where I put a lot on, like steak for example.  It's a bad habit and people always tell me off when they see how much salt I have, but I can't help it, I love salty things!  My bf is well used to this little quirk of mine and bought me this fab new salt grinder.  I think it's like a bunny!

I tweeted a picture of what I was wearing last week.  Very unusual for me as I'm quite a scaredy cat!  I liked my new terracotta jackety-top thing from Primark and decided to share.  Maybe I'll progress to proper OOTDs on the blog eventually!

I had a severe nail breakage which made me very sad.  I have quite long nails and while at work stressing the other day I accidentally sort of stabbed my finger into my desk and the top of my nail completely ripped off =(    It sort of looks like an odd french manicure here, but the white bit is where the rip was.  I've now had to trim all my nails and won't be doing much in the way of nail art for a while, booo.

I only found out today that R Patz now has a waxwork at Madame Tussauds in London.  Randomly I found this fact out from the back of a cereal box!  

It's pretty hot for a waxwork, although it's not 100% perfect.  It's something about the neck which looks wrong, either too long or too thin I think.  Apparently R Patz didn't have time to model for his wax work or have any moulds cast (which is what usually happens so I've read) and they had to do it from photos, so actually it's rather impressive.

On Saturday I went to work in the morning but in the afternoon I completely chilled in my garden on a sun lounger.  The weather was an amazing 24 degrees here and the sun was really strong.  I tan very easily, so soaked up a lot of sun =) 

To chill me out, I had my favourite album of the moment on my ipod which is Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.  I love "not like the movies".  I also listened to some Michael BublĂ©, I love him and his music is always great for relaxing.

At the same time I was reading Russell Brand's Booky Wook 2.  I read the first one on holiday and loved it and my friend Zara lent me the second book.  I find Russell Brand really funny on tv and his book is just as funny.  It's very well written and I always learn new big words from him!

On my tv - I've finally got into Made in Chelsea.  After I watched the first episode I thought it was absolute rubbish.  I didn't connect with any of the characters and thought they were all stuffy idiots!  It stayed on my sky plus, so one evening when there was nothing else to watch I gave it another try from the second episode and now I quite like it.  

I've started to like Caggie and the love triangle with her, Spencer and Funda is interesting even if largely set up!  Some of the characters are larger than life and I'm sure they're over-acting some of their behaviours, but I'm finding it entertaining so I don't care.

 I also keep meaning to watch Geordie Shore but forgot to record it.  Hopefully I can watch it on the mtv website as I keep hearing that it's hilarious and I'm loving the line "I'm on it like a car bonnet" from the trailer!  I do love a bit of trash tv and am an avid TOWIE and Jersey Shore addict.

Well that's it, we're all caught up!  Not much of huge excitement as I've mainly been at work!



  1. I will definitely be putting marshmallows on top of my cakes in the future....it look so cute! :)

  2. Do u have the recipe for the cookies??? Thanks :)

  3. actually drooling all over this post.

  4. Thanks for the comments xx

    @bargain queen - yep, here it is http://twitpic.com/3zfwvj


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