5 Jun 2011

Matalan home haul

I went on a little shopping trip with my besties the other night and Matalan really disappointed us.  I didn't find any clothes or shoes I liked at all.  It's a shame, because they had some quite nice stuff online but none of it seemed to be in the shop!

Anyway, I was much more impressed with the home department and filled my sad and empty basket with this little lot.

My bathroom is white, black and grey.  I chose the style when we moved in and I do like it - the tiles have a flock / damask pattern on them - but lately I've wanted to add some colour.  I've already started with pink and purple towels and bath mat (before we had cream and black).  

To continue my attempt to jazz up the bathroom I got this 'Bath' binging ornament which I will put on the window ledge above the bath - £8

 And also for the bathroom I got this over the door bathroom towel rack with pink bling - £15

I absolutely couldn't resist this tea-light holder - I just thought it was so pretty.  The only place it will really 'go' is in my hallway, so something else is going to have to move to make room.  This was £8

 This crystal illusion tea-light holder will make a nice new centrepiece for my dining room table as I'm a bit bored with what I have on there at the moment.  It was £12.  This isn't the best photo I've ever taken - it looks nicer in real life!

The bf is currently beavering away beautifying our garden.  We like silly and cute stuff, so I got these bug eyed creatures to sit amongst the plant pots and guard our strawberries from the slugs.  They were £3 each.

Possibly my favourite thing I got was this elephant ornament.  He's quite big, so rather a statement piece, but I really liked it.  I have a lot of gold and bronze in my living room so this has replaced an old Primark ornament next to my fireplace.  It was £12 and I think it's fab - even the bf liked it!



  1. Oooh I love the butterfly tea light holder, its so pretty!!
    x x

  2. Great buys! I love looking for home things, despite still living with my parents! :) x

  3. The tea light holder is gorgeous!!

  4. Thanks girls xx

    @olivia - that never used to stop me buying in advance for the house I didn't have! =)

  5. Love both the tealight holders we are buying a house soon so they would ve perfect :-) xx

  6. Wow the tealight holder is stunning. Looks so much more expensive than it was xx

  7. I love the tealight holder, it's so pretty! xxx


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