30 Jun 2011

Yumminess on a stick - recipe and how to

They look good don't they?  They taste even better and they're ridiculously easy to make!  Inspired by those pricey little pretties in Starbucks =)

This is what you will need 

♥ chocolate 

♥ large marshmallows 

♥ sugar sprinkles 

♥ lolly sticks

♥ bowls / dishes

♥ rice

♥ silver foil

Fill a dish as deep as one third of your lolly sticks with rice and cover with silver foil 

Thread marshmallows onto lolly sticks and stab into the silver foil to make a hole

Break the chocolate into pieces and melt in the microwave - be careful not to burn it.  If your microwave has a power setting, turn it down so that it's not cooking on full power.  Stop and check the chocolate regularly.  Once it's melted with a few chunks, stop cooking and just stir to melt the remainder.

Dip a stick of threaded marshmallows into the chocolate and then add some sprinkles.  Put it into the silver foil holder you made so that it can stand freely whilst the chocolate sets.

Try not to drop your roll of silver foil in the chocolate like I did!

Make lots because they're really yummy 

Put them in the fridge to harden, especially if it's a hot day 
As you can see, I made some with milk and some with white chocolate and used contrasting heart shaped sprinkles.

The chocolate melts the marshmallow a bit on the inside, so when you eat them they're extra squishy and yum

I think they're great for when you want to make something sweet but don't have the time or all of the ingredients to make cakes.  Hope you like them =)

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  1. I think they are amazing!! going to give these a go for sure!! xxx

  2. ooo lovely, i think i might have to give them a go, so pretty and they look so yummy :) xx

  3. I want some of these now! They look amazing and so pretty and yummy :D xx

  4. They look so pretty! Gonna have to give them a go :) x

  5. mm they look amazing!!! I'm going to make these next week(after i get weighed lol)


  6. I've always said 'ooh I'm gonna try this' but with this I actually am! They look gorgeous! :O Bookmarked! xx

  7. These look so yummy, I thought they did when you first posted a picture of them the other week :-)
    Im definately going to try making these, thanks for telling us how!!
    x x

  8. These look gorgeous and so cute :D x

  9. mmm these look devine!! great idea for a kids party, will be trying in the future xxx

  10. Ah Gem, how is a girl to lose weight when you give me this awefully easy yet yummy recipe!? I'm afraid I will have to try them out this weekend- there's just no way out of it now!

  11. So pleased you're all loving these! I always intend to do more recipe posts but don't usually get around to it! Next up will be apple cinnamon flapjacks!

  12. Yum! They look beautiful and tasty. I am going to make them when my friend comes round tomorrow.Can't wait!! Thank You so much for the recipe. :P x



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