2 Jul 2011

asos summer sale haul June / July 2011

So asos went in a new direction with their summer sale, choosing to issue sale slots in a poorly executed attempt at a marketing frenzy involving facebook and twitter.  To be honest, it did nothing but piss me off.

Usually when asos have a sale, it goes live at midnight, so you can choose to stay up and shop the best of the bargains.  Generally, unless you're a night shift worker, you can make yourself available for the start of the sale if you want to.  However this time around, asos decided to offer slots to visit the sale by asking customers to publicise the sale through facebook and twitter and to play games on the facebook page.  Honestly, I found this quite insulting - the slots had nothing to do with how long you'd been a customer or how regularly you shop with them or how much you spend, it was all down to how many facebook and twitter friends you have, your willingness to annoy them with messages about the sale and the amount of free time you were prepared to waste playing the "matching pairs" game.

The slots for the sale were issued via facebook in the middle of the working day on a Monday.  Slots were not advised via email - facebook only.  This really annoyed me and made me feel alienated as a customer with a 9 - 5 job.  asos know a large proportion of their customer base are office workers - that's why they send offers of free next day delivery and the like for orders placed at lunch time during the week.  So good one asos - you sent out the sale slots when we're at work, via facebook only, which most employers will block.  I tried to access the facebook app on my iphone but guess what, it hadn't been made compatible.

When I got home in the evening I went onto facebook to get my link and I shopped the sale.  I can't tell if I missed out on better items or not and to be honest, I couldn't figure out whether someone without the link would also have been able to access the sale items.  The facbook page told me my sale ticket was red and to look out for extra offers for red ticket holders - I didn't see anything which seemed to connect with this at all.

I went ahead and placed my order, but I did feel like I'd been used by asos for my tweets and facebook links and that I'd not had anything in return other than losing the freedom of being able to shop the sale as and when I choose.  Very disappointing - I hope they scrap this idea in future.  I saw nothing but complaints about it on their facebook page, so it seems others were equally unimpressed.

Since the sale began, I've now had emails which are being sent to me as a "red ticket" holder offering me 10% off and I think at one point £20 off if I shop at certain times.  This just added to my annoyance as the whole point of the sale tickets was to get into the sale first, so I've already placed my order and therefore have missed out on these extra discounts =(

Luckily for asos, I love their stuff, so this disappointment didn't stop me shopping.  Unfortunately they probably know this and aren't all that bothered to have offended people with this new move.  Anyway I've rambled enough, here's what I got.

Black platform heels - £27 (now down to £22)  They hurt a lot and need serious breaking in!
Bright blue short sleeved office dress - I already have this in black and olive and love it - £19 

Pink and gold enamel ring - £8 (non-sale)

Basic jersey dress in a toffee / latte colour - £10 

I tried to order this gorgeous dress a few weeks ago, but after I ordered I got an email telling me it was out of stock.  It appeared again this time, so I added it to my basket and it went through.  However when it turned up I received a swimsuit instead of the dress!  I guess this one's not meant to be =(

Dark pink linen office dress - I bought this to wear with blazers but I didn't like it at all in real life so sent it back.  It was £18

I bought these Nike joggers to add to my PE kit for the gym.  They're quite thick though so you get really hot in them!  £24

This orange tea dress was only £19 but it looked really boring on and was a very thin material so I sent it back.

These are the same shoes as before but in a lovely caramel colour.  Oddly they seem to hurt more than the black ones!  £22
I love everything "ponti" or "ponte" that asos sell.  I don't know what it actually means, but to me it means a thick stretchy jersey material with deliberate seams. Sadly though this dress made me look like a bit of a sausage so I sent it back.  It didn't have sleeves anyway so I'm not sure how I was planning to wear it!  This was £25 

I love this ring.  I got something similar in H&M in a peachy tan sort of colour, but this one is even bigger and more bling!  This was non-sale and £10
Here's what it looks like in real life - ah-ma-zing! 

I've been wondering what new products I can try to sort out my enlarged pore situation, so seeing as this soap and glory hot cloth cleanser was reduced to £6.05, I thought I'd try it out.  I may well do a review on this in a little while.
 Also soap and glory I got trick and treatment to try out.  It was £6
Another linen dress like the dark pink one.  Again I didn't like and sent it back.  I think the colour attracted me! 

Another pair of Nike joggers but they were a very pale grey in real life and that's just not a good look across the bummage so I sent these back too.

Not an amazing haul I suppose as half of it went back and I was gutted to get a swimsuit instead of the dress I'd been after for ages.  I am pleased with the jewellery and the shoes, even though they will pinch my little toes for a while until they learn to be friends and get along.

I also bought something for my friend's birthday, but I'll have to show you that after she's opened it or it'll spoil the surprise!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on asos' new direction with their sale - am I just being harsh and an old grump or did it bug you too?



  1. Love the rings! So gorgeous, just my style :)



  2. "bummage" that made me giggle lol :)

  3. Aah I love the ASOS sale! I didn't hear of anything to do with the whole Twitter/Facebook saga though, I guess it just skipped right past me, I just shopped like normal. I bought that S&G item but have lost it, let me know if it's any good! I had my eye on that ponte dress in a camel colour but figured no sleeves = not good. You should try Sports Direct's website for cheap gym stuff! xxxx


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