9 Jul 2011

Little updates

I'm a bit behind with this - these updates are from the week before last!

I had a little day out with the bf for our anniversary.  We've been together a long time now, so we don't always make quite such a big deal out of it.  We used to always go on holiday for out anniversaries!  I wanted to book Glee tickets but I was too late and there were only rubbish seats left =(

This time we just had a day out in London and this is what we got up to.

It was a really lovely hot, sunny day, so we started off with a little walk by the river along the south bank and came across this brilliant water fountain maze.  We'd actually seen this before and loved it, so we had a little splash about.  As it was hot we didn't mind getting a bit wet. 

As you can see here, the walls of water drop at different times allowing you to get inside the maze.  Water maze modelled beautifully here by the bf.

I took this when we were both inside the water maze but had been separated by a wall of water.  The BF is posing with his best OOTD stylee.  

We also saw some beautifully designed and painted beach huts and an attempt at a little beach along the Thames.  I didn't take a photo of the beach as it was actually a rather lame foot wide strip of sand which looked suspiciously like builders' sand rather than the paradise island variety.

After re-fuelling with a shared strawberry slush puppy (we'd eaten the contents of that week's graze box on the train) we ambled across to Leicester square for a mooch around.  

I didn't know that an M&M world had popped up, so we went in for a little look.  

The place was a huge four floors and was such a ridiculous tourist trap.  Everything was so overpriced and they didn't even sell the exciting flavour M&Ms like peanut butter or pretzel.  It was fun to wander around though, and we posed with some giant M&Ms for jokes. 

Sadly I didn't get a picture, but they had some poor sod dressed up as the red M&M to attract people to come in to the shop.  One of the hi-lights of the day has to be when an MJ song came on (yes they blare music really loudly in M&M world) and the red M&M started doing the moves to Thriller.  Surreal.

We had a little bit of lunch in Garfunkel's - I'd never been there before and can't say I was impressed!

For desert, we stopped off at Rendezvous for ice cream.  I had to use a photo from google as there's a lot of building works going on in Leicester Square and they were covering up the shop front.  This place was never really on my radar as I just thought it was a coffee shop - they need to make it more obvious that it's an ice cream parlour!

The scoops are massive and we couldn't choose which flavour to have, so we shared three scoops.  Here we've got Toblerone, banana and pineapple.  Toblerone was a bit disappointing as it tasted nothing like Toblerone at all, just chocolate with a subtle twang more like chocolate orange.  Weird.  We got banana because the boy loves banana stuff and we'd never seen banana ice cream before.  Pineapple ice cream reminds me of holidays as you don't usually see it much at home.  

I had been hoping they'd have orange ice cream as that's my favourite and very hard to find, it tends to be more of an American thing.

In the evening we went for dinner at a funky Japanese restaurant called Inamo - more about that and a full review here.

We also had a little walk through China Town and checked out a few different shops.  I love all things cute and Japanese, and I wasn't sure whether China Town mixes in any Japanese influences or not, but we found my favourite little hello panda biscuits were sold in most shops.  Maybe they're sold in China and Japan, I don't know.  There was also loads of hello kitty stuff everywhere.

Although you can usually get hello panda biscuits in places like the Wasabi sushi shop, they had flavours I'd not seen before - strawberry and double chocolate.  I also couldn't resit buying the ones with the dinosaur on just for the cute packaging - I had no clear idea of what was inside other than that it was probably little biscuits.

We saw seaweed for sale in the Chinese supermarkets, so as it's my favourite Chinese food, we bought some to try out.  It was only £1.50 for a massive pack!

Sadly though, it wasn't what I expected.  I don't think this is the same stuff they serve up as seaweed in Chinese restaurants.  It was pretty gross!

We were passing Piccadilly Circus so we popped in to the Troacadero to see if it was still a bit of a dive these days - I can confirm it is.  But we didn't know they had shops selling cool little Japanese bits and bobs, so we were glad we went in.

Angry birds

Mario and Totoro stuff

I already have the white bunny looking Totoro creature (not sure of his proper name - we call him angry egg for no logical reason), but I've not got an actual Totoro (the grey one) so the bf bought me this.

 We also had some of that ice cream which is made up of tiny little different flavoured balls - dippin' dots while we were in the Trocadero and we popped into a couple of casinos to see if they had some of the machines we played when we were in Aruba.  They didn't - the ones in Aruba were probably the American ones like in Las Vegas.  Don't worry we're not hardcore gamblers or anything, but I do really want to go to Vegas soon, hopefully next year.

So there you go.  A bit random, but we liked it =)  Spending the whole day together was really nice - although we live together it's surprising how much time you spend just doing your own thing and not really enjoying each other's company.  

I don't really have any "new blogs to follow" this week as sadly the little list I was keeping was accidentally deleted =( Instead I'm just going to plug my friend Jo's blog as I encouraged her to start one up and I'm so glad she's actually done it, although she got wordpress instead of blogger so I can't really help her much as I don't understand it!

Please go along and show her some love to spur her on - it's a dating / lifestyle blog about her recent move home to London from Australia and trying to stay single for a year!  She's just hilarious and brilliant =)

As for other new blogs to follow, I'm putting together a page with links to all of my favourite blogs (which hopefully won't get deleted this time), so that will be coming soon to my 'pages' bar.

 My blog's second birthday giveaway ends tonight, so hurry to enter!



  1. looks like you had an amazing day :)
    you made london seem so cool! lol

  2. Lots of fun! I'd have gone crazy at the M&m's world store, loved the angry birds plushies!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. M&M World looks amazing!!! I wanna go!!! x

  4. Thanks guys - just realised what an epic long post this was, oops!

  5. Looks like you had an absolutely lovely day. I agree with what you said though, it makes such a difference actually spending a planned day together than just living together and that :) xx


  6. Thanks, gave me some ideas for my visit
    Also the seaweed in Chinese resturants is actually dried cabbage btw x


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