25 Jul 2011

Little updates

Time for a little catch up

Here's a little blinging iphone case I made.  I thought it would be fund to give this a go, and it was, but it took hours!  I don't know how the people who make these for a living have the patience!

The boyf has been digging a massive hole in our garden 

Sadly he's not building a swimming pool - it's a new pond

Here's me pretending to drive the digger but really I'm just posing.  Heels, dress and sunnies while driving the JCB - that's how I like to roll

The boyf had a pair of transformers (robots in disguise) - a digger plus an electronic wheel barrow / dumper thingie 

The view out of the front door - classy 

Onto more interesting and girlie things

I made some more yummies on a stick but this time I added some strawberries into the mix for a little oooh la la before dipping in the chocolate

I bought this dress for my upcoming weekend in Liverpool but I'm just not sure about it.  

I wanted to wear it with these shoes, but I really don't think it goes =( 

It's very flowy so I'd also need to wear a belt like this with it 

What do you think?  Somebody tell me what to do please! 

And finally in rather exciting news (and maybe shocking to some?) I got botox!

Here's a 'before' shot 

And a close up of the offending area

The lines don't actually show up as bad in this photo as they did in real life.  I've had three major deep lines all the way across my forehead since I was 18 or 19.  Clearly I spend my life frowning and looking angry!  

After thinking about getting botox ever since I first heard about it, I finally booked an appointment for baby botox - think botox-lite for beginners.  So far I'm delighted with my crease free forehead.  It can continue improving for up to two weeks so after that I'll do a full before, after and during (yes I have photos of the needle!) post and review.  

That's all for now xx



  1. Aw loved this post! Love how amazing your heels are in the jcb, personally thats how all women builders should look! And congrats on the botox, well done for not looking silly and using it properly! Hope you have a lovely week xx

  2. I love the phone case! I've seen a number of these for sale and have to agree that the work involved seems massive compared to the cost! What a shame you're not getting a swimming pool! At least the pond will give you something nice to look at.
    Those shoes are fab, I also love the colour of the dress, so pretty. xx

  3. I thought you were getting a swimming pool, that's a pretty big pond! You don't need botox, I've got bigger frown lines than you (I really do) xx

  4. I thought you were getting a swimming pool too, it's masssssive x

  5. That dress is gorgeous, where is it from? x

  6. I love the dress and I say yes to the shoes too. Clashing is cool!
    I want Botox...looking forward to the post!x

  7. Admire your courage for botox! I have some frown lines which I want to get rid of but am terrified of needles :S

    Also I would wear the dress as it is without the belt and I love the shoes ;)


  8. Hey lovely i used to make phone coveres the one i've made for myself that i'm using at the moment is here http://www.ablogfromblackpool.com/2011/04/look-what-i-made.html
    :] Also I love the shoes you chose and i'm so interested in your botox experience -good on you for getting it hun and i hope your happy with the out come you look lovely XXX

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments - it would be good if it was a pool, but unless I want to take a dip with the fishies they'll be no swimming for me!

    The coral dress with the gold embellishments is from ASOS and it also comes in white. I think it would look fine without a belt but on me I want it to have a more defined waist. The belt arrived today and I just tried it all on - it's a go for the shoes too, I'll clash and be proud!

    My two weeks after botox is nearly up so the full post will be coming soon - thanks for all your support! I don't believe any of you have lines as deep as mine were - wait until you see my proper before shots!

  10. Wow I really love your phone case, I had a go at making one too but it also took hours and a lot of patients. I really love those shoes! x



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