26 Jul 2011

Mac Craving lipstick review and swatches

After the London bloggers meet up event the other week, I paddled through the rain to get to Covent Garden so I could pick up this lipstick.  I tried it at Edinburgh airport in May and decided I wanted it but they were sold out.  

It's Craving by Mac and it's a dusky berry sort of shade

The colour probably looks truest here on the back of my hand, although I'd say it's still darker than this in real life

My first lip swatch - hello trout pout!  Don't lips look funny close up?!

My camera has really made this come out so much lighter than it actually is.  For a better swatch, have a look at Temptalia.  I'd say her swatch on the hand is pretty true to life although it's still coming out lighter in her lip swatch than I think it really is.  

Craving is an amplified creme which is possible my favourite finish on a Mac lipstick as it's not at all drying, goes on really easily and looks a little bit plumped. It also lasts quite a while on my lips too.

I'm slowly building my Mac lipstick collection and although they are a bit pricey, I really love the quality and the finishes.  I just can't wear cheap lipsticks now, they just don't glide on as nicely or have such good shades.  

What do you think?  Are you craving it...?  (sorry!) 



  1. I think lips on their own look weird too! Your 'trout pout' looks good though, it looks like a really lovely colour - and suits your skintone really well from what I can see! x

  2. this is a gorgeous lipstick unfortunately i'm no longer allowed to buy Mac lipsticks lol Gotta use what I have.

  3. This looks like a lovely colour!! I keep buying lipsticks so maybe cant justify getting this one just yet, but it will be next on my list :-)
    x x

  4. Your 'Trout pout' looks lovely hun. This lipstick is gorgeous, but like Jen I can't justify getting it just yet, although I'm sure my obsession with anything lip orientated will mean I cave sooner rather than later xxx

  5. i absolutely LOVE the blog! you have great taste and style. you are so interesting and inspirational! it would mean so much if you swung by my blog and gave me a couple of opinions on it! i would love to see what you think! :)

    follow me?

  6. This is such a nice colour, my favourite MAC finish too. I totally know what you mean about the range of colours too, I never seem to find colours that are quite right for me in cheaper brands :-)


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