1 Jul 2011

my first forever21 order - massive jewellery haul


This is my first order with forever21 and as you can see, it was completely devoted to jewellery!  I've been tempted to order from them ever since they started delivering in the UK, but I have a feeling that their clothes just won't fit me.  They go up to a size 14 and usually shops that stop at a size 14 sell very small size fourteens.  I should probably try something out and see, but for now I was just too mesmorized by the bling!

Here's what I got...

Everything was so cheap!  Most things were under £5 each - it's almost like Primark prices!  I bought some more bits but I can't show you yet as they're for my friend's birthday and she might snoop them on here!

I was impressed with everything I got.  The pictures on the forever21 website are really small so it's hard to get a good look at something - everything I got seemed nicer and bigger than I was expected which was good.  I really want to add some new gold pieces to my costume jewellery and I now have loads of new things to wear.  I would definitely buy from forever21 again although I hope they improve their website soon - I found it really hard to use as the pictures were so small and once you view an item you can't click back to get back to the list of items.  This is so annoying and meant everything I wanted to look at more closely I needed to open in a new tab!  I tried in google chrome and IE and it was the same so I'm sure it's their site and not me!

I've just noticed they're having a sale, so I might sneak off for another peek.... =)



  1. i've been eyeing up the forever21 website for a while now but im YET to order anything, might have to now i've seen these beauties! i loveee the ring the most!! xo

  2. When I was in New York, I went to Forever 21 and they only did clothes in S, M, L and L was definitely a small 12, let alone a 14! It might be different in the UK hopefully!
    I did love their jewelery though! x

  3. wow!!! i dont think i could pick a favourite out of this bunch! you go girl lol :)


  4. Wow fab haul, I want it all haha! xx

  5. Everything looks so gorgeous!

  6. Love the telephone and owl necklaces! I havent ordered from forever 21 is quite some time, you are making me want to buy more jewelry

  7. LOL i just left forever 21 today, and i saw some of these pieces. Very nice picks

  8. I think you should blog the other items, I am sure your friend won't peek!


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