17 Jul 2011

The Next sale July 2011 - in store 5am haul!

Yesterday morning I got up at 4.15 to go to the next sale with my equally mental bestie.  I'd already ordered online with my vip slot on Wednesday night, so I didn't want to buy too much, although there were some bits which were sold out online which I hoped to get in store.  

Here's what I got...

A little froggy umbrella - I mainly bought this to take to TOWIB as I the forecast was for rain all day (they weren't wrong there) and all my other umbrellas are the kind that don't fit in a handbag.  £6

Pretty birthday cards just 50p each

Not so sure about these shoes - they do seem really comfy to walk in but I'm worried they look a bit frumpster.  The bestie bought these in pink.  £14

I wanted these wedges in beige but they only had green.  I do like them, but I need to come up with several outfits they'll go with to convince myself I can keep them! £14

Pretty crackle vase for my dining room - £6

Ruffle swimsuit - now I have to book a holiday!  £14  This was sold out online so I was pleased to find this in the shop.

And some more home bits - glasses 50p (I already have a set of these so thought I'd get two back-ups), pretty pastel cutlery £6, and cute coasters £2 for 4.

Cake tins for my baking escapades - £6

The most boring thing I think I've ever shown in a haul post - recycling bags / bins!  £6

No clothes really other than the swimsuit, but I had ordered some from the online sale and they should turn up this week.  

Do you get up early for sales or am I mad?


  1. Those tins would go so well in my kitchen haha! I used to go to next sales but I'd come back with so much stuff I didn't need or even want. I think I just bought it to make my 5am tip up there worthwhile!! This stuff is lovely though xx

  2. Oh wow you picked up some good bargains there Gem! We don't have a homeware section in our store :( which one did you visit? I can't wait to see your online order! Xxx ps those black shoes are amaze, not frumpy! xx

  3. i am very impressed you braved the sale so early and still manage to make it to london for the event! i have never been to the next sale or to a shop that early in the morning but good on you! you got some lovely things xx

  4. @Rebecca - I know what you mean, your judgement at that time of the morning can be a little off so you can end up with random purchases!

    @Sophia - I went to Bromley - the homeware section is quite big there. The shoes are growing on me!

    @A girl and a beauty blog - I need to get used to seeing you with your new name! I was very tired when I got home having been up so early! I don't know why Next feel the need to start at 5am instead of something more sensible like 7 or 8!

  5. Great finds!

    The umbrella is super cute :)

    Also love the shoes and the swimsuit - very pretty! Perfect excuse to go on holiday!

    Lovely blog by the way, I'm a new follower xx

  6. that swimsuit is amazing!! even better for £14 too - good haul :o) x

  7. ooo lovely buys :)..your brave after working for next and knowing how manic the first hour or so is i wouldn't even attempt going near there haha xx

  8. i just cheated and ordered from my laptop whilst still in bed. I love that swimsuit!! xx

  9. Glad to see someone else got up at crazy times like me and my mum! We ordered a fair bit at 6am. Love the homewear and the swimsuit! xx


  10. Wow, you got some amazing buys!!

  11. yes I think you are crazy! I do not have the patience for sales, I get annoyed when people elbow me and tread on my toes, I don't like everything being a mess and it being really hot. However, I do think some sales are worth going to when they first open to get the good bits. The swimming costume is right up my street and also as I just said in my other comment, I love pastel colours and really love that cutlery. It reminds me of some Cath Kidston cutlery I want but is too ridonkulously expensive to even consider buying!


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