6 Jul 2011

NOTD - pink flamingos in the pool

I thought I was a bit sick of crackle polishes until the idea for this colour combo popped into my mind.  I'm loving Katy Perry's video for last friday night where she has some eighties neon lime and pink nail art going on and last night I watched the film Working Girl which is from the late eighties.  There's no neon nail art in that film, but it did get my brain whirring on an eighties theme.  

I used barry m pink and the crackle polish in blue 

Wow that's bright, you almost need sunglasses =) 

Are you over crackles or have you found ways to keep it fresh and interesting?



  1. A really lovely combo! I gave my black Barry M crackle to my sister because I couldn't get on with it, I think I need to invest in the pink and blue too! You have lovely nails xx

  2. I thought I was sick of crackles until I bought a metallic purple and layered it over a neon green :D I love how you named this mani!

  3. Love this combination! Perfect for summer :)

    xo Lynzy

  4. I love the combination they look great. xxx

  5. love this colour combo! so fresh and bright

    shel xx

  6. Love them! The colours go so well together, perfect for summer x


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