3 Jul 2011

TK Maxx haul - including amaze Steve Madden shoes

I never really go into TK Maxx as I just don't get it, but people always seem to find amazing things.  I went in there today and tried to find the cheaps Nails Inc deals I've heard about, but they only had a pack of minis for about £16 which didn't seem cheap to me at all.  

The clothes are just too much of a mishmash for me to know where to start, but I did have a bit of luck in the shoe department!

These Steve Madden shoes are ridiculously high and I love them!  I had a little wander around the shop and managed not to break an ankle, so I decided that obviously confirms they're practical.  I'm only 5"2 so even with shoes like this I'm still only average height.  The sticker says they were originally £100 and I got them for £39.99.  I think they'll be coming on my weekend away to Liverpool.  

I also remembered to check out the home section as I always hear people find lovely candles.  They did have quite a selection and I decided on these two because they smelt the best.  The blueberry waffle one smells so tasty you just want to much right on it.  It smells exactly like a blueberry muffin.  nom nom nom.  I also got a vanilla cinnamon one which smells nice too.  They're a little bit smaller than a large Yankee jar but were only £5.99 each.  

Finally I spotted this little beaut which will be great for storing / displaying short necklaces or bracelets.  I always but too much jewellery so I'll have no trouble filling this up.  It was £9.99 which I thought was pretty good.     

Do you manage to find clothes in TK Maxx?  Have you ever found the Nails Inc bargains?  Share your secrets with me!

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  1. love those shoes. The black on the back is a little unexpected but it it looks nice with then nude color :)

  2. Nice finds! I kind of hate how TK Maxx is laid out as well. I always go with my mum as she is really good at finding stuff amongst the mess!
    Especially like the necklace rack! very pretty.


  3. Fab haul, those shoes are gorgeous, I would never be able to walk in them though!
    I never bother to look at the clothes in TK Maxx, I haven't got the patience! I do look at the shoes & homeware though

  4. those shoes are simply to die for :)
    I need to start going to TK MAX more - i just enver seem to see anything when I go!! x

  5. I always love snooping your hauls. Gorgeous shoes and such a good price for them as well!! I've never found anything that amazing in TK Maxx and the mess puts me off too but there's a fairly new TK Maxx opened a few months in Liverpool so I suppose I have a look! x

  6. Thanks guys - it is a very hit and miss shop I think and I was lucky today! xx

  7. I just was just looking at a pair of nude heels for a wedding that I am going to. They look beautiful, but those ones would be way too high for me.

  8. Love those shoes!

    Please check out my blog: jaciwalker.blogspot.com. I would love it if you did!


  9. I was in homesense! Basically TKMaxx I actually think they are the same company, same labels etc:) But I saw some candles in their like the ones above and saw a Smashbox eyeshadow, Amazing Cosmetics set and If I remember rightly Nails Inc, so it's work checking out:)
    I'd say the home selection is soooooo better(because it's a home store duh?) :) But the cosmetics are pretty good also if you route:D


  10. Wow,they're beauty! Love your shoes,and jewellery hanger ^_^
    I buy cheap nail polishes from tkmaxx.
    I bought a gray skirt (will wear it as a dress)
    My shoe size is 3, so no beautiful shoes for my size :( Never found :(
    But i always find beautiful things there,for example my pink hat (if you wanna check my hat on my last post here: http://ferahfezasfavourites.blogspot.com)



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