21 Jul 2011

Weight watchers update - what I ate this week: veg fest

This is my first weight watchers update for quite a while - I've not really been doing it properly you see!  I've still been going to meetings, but I've just got completely out of the habit of planning meals, writing down what I've eaten and counting points.  After a few weeks of losing nothing or putting weight I'd lost back on, I decided a drastic action plan was needed to kick things back off.  This consisted of mainly eating zero propoints and very low propoints food, and trying to cut out carbs and sugars.  

Here's what I ate for dinner each day.

Prawn stirfry - no noodles, just veg, pak choi and bean sprouts 

Grilled flat mushrooms with salsa and mozzarella and Jamie Oliver cabbage with bacon, onions and garlic

Grilled chicken and mango salad with M&S chilli mango dressing

Butternut squash, spinach and cauliflower curry (with rice... I couldn't help it)

Fake Sunday roast - grilled chicken in chicken gravy, broccoli and roasted veg overload (carrots, parsnips, onions, courgette and mushrooms)

Baked cod with mozzarella and tomato on spinach and Philadelphia with roasted veggies

There are 6 days of dinners here - I ate out on the missing seventh day and had sushi

I took salads to work for lunch each day and remembered to take photos of two of them.  I also had boiled egg salad, and a cheese salad.  

Prawn and avocado salad 

Parma ham wrapped cheese salad with balsamic vinegar and salad sprinkles

The butternut squash curry was for a night when I had friends round, and I made a yummy low calorie pud.

Fruity faux trifle with passion fruit topping

It was weight watchers peach and orange jelly with fresh peach, kiwi and grapes.  I topped it with some low fat custard and then low fat squirty cream and half a passion fruit.  

I was amazingly well behaved by my standards, and I lost a pound at weigh in.  A little disappointing, but I'd been really bad the week before and I think that caught up with me.  I'm continuing the healthy theme this week and am hoping for a better loss.

If you'd like to know, here's how to make two of the dinners I had last week

Butternut squash, spinach and cauliflower curry

First, peel and chop your butternut squash.  In my opinion, there's no vegetable more evil than a butternut squash when it comes to preparation.  They're so hard to cut through!  You might want to consider buying it pre-chopped.

Chop into small chunks and add to your pan which should be sprayed with fry light or some other low calorie cooking spray.  Then throw in some chopped onions and your cauliflower.  If you want a tastier and spicier curry, also add chopped garlic and chilli.  Some of my friends are wimps, so I was going for a mild curry here and didn't add these!  

Next cover all your veg with a tin of chopped tomatoes, a can of coconut milk (low fat if possible) and some thai red curry paste and mix well.  You can add more of less of the curry paste depending on how spicy you want the curry to be.  Mix well, cover with a lid and bubble away on high.

After about half an hour or so, if your veg were all covered in liquid, the butternut squash should be tender.  The cauliflower should start to break up a bit and some of it may mash into the liquid - that gives a nice consistency to the curry.  Leave the lid off at this stage for the sauce to thicken and then add your spinach for the last few minutes of cooking - just enough time for it to wilt.

Serve with plain boiled rice - yum

Prawn and pak choi stiry fry 

Start by shopping all of your vegetables and add them to a wok to stir fry.  I used spring onions, chilli, bell peppers and mushrooms.  When these vegetables are nearly cooked, add the prawns and then the bean sprouts.

If you've not come across pak choi before, this is what one looks like - it's a Chinese leafy vegetable.  I wash it and then just cut the leaves off.  I'm not sure if this is what you're supposed to do or not!

Add the pak choi during the last few minutes of cooking - it just needs a little time to wilt.

I then added a sachet of Blue Dragon black bean sauce, but could easily have used sweet and sour or some other chinese stir fry sauce.  This sachet serves two and is 4 pro points per serving.

Quick and easy to make and you have a really nice carb-free stirfry 

A bit of a food overload post for you there, but from previous comments my weight watchers update posts are usually quite popular.  I know get a bit obsessed with wanting to know what other people eat and love posts like this, so I hope it helps if you're doing weight watchers or just trying to eat healthily.  

Feel free to leave me some suggestions for other low-carb, veggie packed recipes, or if you want to know anything more about any of these meals, just let me know. 


  1. Great post, all your meals look yummy!!

    Sadie xx

  2. WOW these look SO yummy!!
    I may have to try the stir fry myself

  3. This all looks really tasty. I'm curious about the mango salad- is it good?

    Also...if you don't mind me asking, how much do you find you spend on food when you are being really good on WW? When I do a 'good' Slimming World shop it costs me a fortune!

    Manda x (@MandaGilf in twitter) xc

  4. Love your dinners, you eat exactly the kinda things I like. I'm thinking of going to Weight Watchers either this Monday or next, I done it 8 years ago but it's all changed since then. I'm scared about joining again, worrying I won't 'get' the diet. Love these posts! xx

  5. @Sadie, @Rachel - thank you!

    @Manda - the mango salad was lovely - I'd never made something like that before but it was really nice. It is a lot more expensive to buy healthy food than junk - ridiculous really! My shop for the week was about £70 with everything, but that was for me and my boyfriend and we had a few household bits in there too.

    @Stacey - thanks =) You should give it a go, the main concepts probably haven't changed that much. Maybe buy the magazine to give yourself an idea - there'll possibly be a money off voucher in there for your first meeting too. Good luck x

  6. Love this post! I'm actually trying to lose weight as well or at least try to eat healthy and I find it so difficult to find good recipes, I'm a vegetarian which makes it a bit more difficult. Will definitively be trying these recipes though!

    Bdw love your blog, been following you for ages, but just got a blogger account so I'm officially a follower.

    You're one of the bloggers whose inspired me to start my own blog honestly :)

    If you want to have a look and leave feedback its www.yanasdollhouse.blogspot.com

  7. Amazing post Gem, all looks so yummy, you have inspired me to get healthy!



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