7 Aug 2011

Garra rufa fish pedicure review - Sakinsu Liverpool

I mentioned in my Liverpool weekend post that I'd had a fish pedicure and I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about what it was like.  

Beware, there are lots of pictures of feet coming up!

We went to a fish pedicure place called Sakinsu which was on a main shopping street

It was £10 for 15 minutes of being nibbled by fishies 

The shop looked quite new and swish and also nice and clean which was something I was concerned about.  You had to fill in a form before your treatment which checked for all sorts of medical / skin conditions which might mean you wouldn't be able to have the treatment.  It's also worth pointing out that if you're wearing nail varnish on your toes you have to have applied it more than 2 days ago - not to sure why this is - maybe it has something to do with it being harmful to the fish?

You also had to step into a bowl of some sort of disinfectant before dunking your feet into the fish tank, so that also made me feel a bit more comfortable that it was clean.

I wouldn't go to have this done on my own as it really tickles and I couldn't help squealing!  It's alright when you're with someone else but I wouldn't fancy squealing and giggling like a numpty if I was on my Jackie.

 I quite enjoyed the treatment - it was certainly weird and I liked watching the little fishies.  I was also surprised at how they don't just nibble the soles of your feet, they have a much on the top of your foot and between your toes too!

Possibly you need more time in the tank to get every bit of dead skin as although my feet did come out feeling super soft, there were a couple of raggedy bits where a fish had been interrupted part way through his snack. Also, my feet were in fairly good condition when I went in as I'd recently scrubbed them at home.

Having said that, I would do it again, it was a good laugh =)

Now this is not a professional youtube review or anything like that, it's just a video I took when I was in the fish tank - you can probably see the fish better in the video than you can in the picture, so here you go, my first youtube upload!

Have you had a fishie pedicure?  Would you have one?


  1. I had one done last month - it was really fun and definitely a different experience to normal pedicures. I was also surprised at how the fish seemed to really like the tops of my feet and cuticles. I made a little video too to freak out my friends who aren't fans of fish and/or feet! x

  2. I've started to take my nail polish of before I go now because I started to notice that my nail polish got nibbled too and I'd hate to think I'd killed a fish because I left my polish on :( I go for a fish pedicure every two weeks now and my feet are super soft! I'm plucking up the courage to go for a full body fish treatment. xx

  3. It looks fun! I really want to try this but I need to find a place local to me that offers this.

  4. I'm so glad i've stumbled across your blgo!
    It's so beautiful and humerously honest. I really can't wait to read more... :)

    This fish treatment has always intreagued me, but your giggling in the video had me smiling no end ! My suspicions are sorted here.
    I adore your phtography and writing tone to, it's so homely :).

    P.s If you get a spare mo., do you reckon you could take a peek at my blog? Any opinion/thoughts from such a pro like you would be really appreciated :) !
    love Romes xx

  5. I tried this in Malta!
    Tiggled so much, I definitely squealed too, lots of wierd looks haha :) x


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