31 Aug 2011

Have you seen what's new at Graze?

I stopped posting weekly updates on what was in my Graze box once the foods started to repeat as I didn't want it to get really boring for you all!  I'm quite choosy with what I want in my Graze box, so I don't have a wide variety of different things turning up.  But, each time Graze add some new products I tend to give them a whirl.  The latest new additions are quite exciting - snacks with dips!

Hot mango salsa 
Mango pieces with chilli jam
Black pepperdoms
black peppercorn rice crackers with mango chutney
Tomato dipinetti
rosemary grissinetti with slow cooked tomato relish
Toffee apple
apple slices with sticky toffee sauce

Fruity ploughmans
roasted poppy seed flatbread with apple and pear chutney

I can't wait to start receiving these in my graze boxes, they all look so nom!

If you've not tried Graze and would like to, you can get your first box for free and your second half price.  Just go to www.graze.com and enter my code - 1Z5QZMB - if you do, I'll get £1 off my next box of nommy nomminess too, ta very much =)


  1. I had the fruity ploughman's not so long ago and it was lovely x

  2. I got sent the mango pieces and chutney and it was horrible :-(

  3. Ohhh they look lovely, may be pursuaded to order one! xx

  4. I think I would like to try the toffee apple!

  5. @leanne - just tried that now and yep, I agree, pretty tasty!

    @Karla - I got that one and thought it was okay but yeah not my fave

    @Elizabeth - go for it! =)

    @Filipa - I have my eye on that one too - probably the tastiest looking one of the new range =)


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