25 Aug 2011

Leopard nails tutorial (requested)

I know that I didn't invent leopard nails done in this way, I know that I wasn't even early to the party, but I was asked by several people to do a tutorial after publishing this post, so your wish is my command.

Apologies for the uber-raggedy dry cuticles that show up so badly in these photos!

Start off by having your nails painted a plain base colour.  Any colour you like can work for leopard nails.

Then, choose a contrasting second colour and paint some splodges - no neatness required here, keep it random

Next take your nail art pen or brush dipped in paint

Draw around one side of one of your splodges, about a third of the way

Then draw round another third, leaving a little gap between the two lines

Add the third line in the same way, all with little gaps

Complete the for the rest of your splodges

One nail all done

If you like, add some extra little dots and lines to fill some of the gaps

Repeat on the other nails - easy peasy

Apply topcoat and you're done!

I hope you like =)


  1. That is sooo cute !
    I need to try this !

  2. The nails look gorgeous! I'll have to try it soon :) xx

  3. Aaah gorgeous I want to do this now!! Where did you get your nail art pen from? xx

  4. Looks amazing!


  5. Goregous... Where do you get the nail pen from? xx

  6. Wow this looks great!

    Sarah xx

  7. Glad you like it =)

    I should have said - the nail art pen is from www.modelsownit.com

  8. Oooh I was eyeing up that nail pen too! Shall have to get, was just gonna tweet you about your hater too.
    So much fail but I deleted Twitter and remade http://twitter.com/bickyb_

  9. those nails are amazing! definitely going to try it out!

  10. these are the cutest things ever i'm totally trying this :)

  11. Ooooo that pen is brilliant! :D xx


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